It makes me sick, but there’s still joy to be had

Last week I posted a video of a school board meeting in Ohio wherein the mayor addressed the school board informing them that in light of the porn they were peddling to students, they could all resign or face charges. That righteous indignation was gratifying, but why would that entire school board not be fired and why not definitely face charges, and why afford them the dignity of stepping down?

Now here in VA, the same  newfound awareness and backlash is happening at Fairfax schools. This parent read some of the graphic content out loud to the board in the public forum of a school board meeting.

The same article reveals similar developments in Broward County, FL.

My soul is sore vexed, but thou Oh Lord, how long? 

Vexed: בּהל  bâhal

Pronounced:  baw-hal

Meaning: to make tremble, inwardly, be alarmed, agitated,

Vexed: βασανίζω  basanizō

Pronounced: bas-an-id’-zo

Meaning: to torture

Vexed: πάθω pathō

Pronounced: path’-o

Meaning: to suffer, sadly, be in bad plight as of a sick person.

That captures it, for sure. Like Sodom vexed righteous Lot.

We still bear the flesh and the curse of sin in that flesh, but the new creature, the new man is disgusted by our flesh, and the sin nature. Redeemed from it, we are no longer blind to it, we see clearly the horror of the curse and what it brings about. We no longer have the luxury of not seeing.

Waiting to escape it, we are thinking and dwelling on a place where sin cannot go, and it makes the conditions in this world hard to bear. Sickening to witness, even second hand via news reports.

Where people are resisting pressure to take the vaccine, I am reading of instances where the vaccine is being given “accidentally”. To someone who requested a flu shot. To babies, instead of their routine Hepatitis and Measles shot. How much lower can these ” healthcare providers” go?

My Mom went to the ER last week, after a fall at home. They took x-rays, nothing broken, thank the Lord, but the doctor pressed her hard to take a covid vaccine, and kept at it even after she said no.  She described the doctor’s demeanor as cold and uncaring, spending a mere few minutes with her, the nurses really being the ones doing the real work. She lives in a blue state, and a new wave of covid cases are happening. She needs surgery that has already been delayed over a year, and of course, can’t get it. I have been trying to prepare mentally for the inevitable day healthcare rationing kicks in, and I think we are there.

Many hospitals across the country are reporting shortages of available beds, but alternative news and independant journalists report that it’s not that there aren’t enough free beds, but rather there are just so many nurses and doctors, and other medical workers who refuse to get the vaccine, that they can’t provide the care. Covid cases are up, because vaxxinated people are spreading it. You only need to look at Israel to know that.

Like the manufactured pandemic, the healthcare crisis is manufactured, and the food shortages too. Paying people not to work, making employment contingent upon vaccine status, the supply chain is breaking down, farmers are pouring out milk, shelves are empty, it has all been choreographed. But the suffering is and increasingly will be real. Unemployment is a problem globally!

I have started shifting some of my time toward commenting on blogs and videos that aren’t aimed particularly at Christians, answering some of the questions and speculations, with what the Bible says. Sometimes you gotta take it to them where they are.

Washington Examiner says Newsome signed a bill enabling kids to have sex surgeries and abortions without parental knowledge or consent.

The progressive nutjobs are so terrified of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, they have voted to codifiy abortion-on-demand into law. For now, it is still up to the Supreme Ct, but the Trump ” “conservative appointees” have already shown their true colors, and the Biden puppeteers are working overtime to confirm liberals on the 9th circuit and other significant appellite courts, and I have lost track where things stand on their plan to pack the Supreme Ct.

It’s hard to keep up.

Old Pencil Neck will be back in the spotlight grilling any member of congress who has dared question the Jan. 6 “insurrection” narrative.  More theater. More fake hearings over fake crimes.

Well, I learned my lesson during the impeachments. I’m not going to waste my time watching the shell game.

I have started shifting some of my time toward commenting on blogs and videos that aren’t aimed particularly at Christians, answering some of the questions and speculations, with what the Bible says. Sometimes you gotta take it to them where they are.

The leaves are just starting to turn on a few things around here, like my dwarf Japanese Maple. I don’t know how the days can pass so fast, and yet in terms of watching and waiting for the Lord, time seems to crawl.

I plan to get out and enjoy this wonderful fall weather we are having, though. It doesn’t stick around long in VA. Ya’ll are used to my feast or famine postings. News, events of prophetic significance, my mental acuity, my energy level, all ebb and flow, so I just go with the tides.

I hope it is a nice day where you are! Enjoy it while you can.

I don’t have any good fall pictures on my phone. My pictures disappear on a regular basis, some glitch with this Android version. But here is one of my paintings in a fall theme.

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