His to Deliver

The headlines below are not links. They are just screenshots of more of the same reports, coming out of parts of Australia and Canada. Why keep harping on those? Because there is barely any difference between those nations and the U.S. in terms of our expectation of freedom. I keep hoping that fact will get through to more people.

These events are calculated to generate fear and compliance.











So we need to fear covid, but if we refuse to fear Covid, other measures must be employed to generate fear, so fear the vaccine.

Truth is anti-fear. Perfect love casts out fear. The enemy wants us afraid.


The truth is, Luke 10:19 says Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

This was a promise given to the seventy disciples Jesus sent to non-Jews to prepare them for the coming ministry of Christ in a time of transition from the old covenant to the church age. We are in a similar time of transition now, and I wonder if this principle is applicable again, especially in light of the fact I have not heard any reports specifically of Christians who died from the vaccine. Have you? Has anyone looked into that?

We know, as Christians, to live is Christ, to die is gain anyway!

It doesn’t mean we won’t experience the impact of these developments, because even just being aware of them, can weigh on our minds, hearts and spirits, even when happening to someone else. In fact, those who want complete power, count on that fact. Fear is contageous.

Scripture taken in, is an antidote to the contagion of fear. It becomes a practical matter.  When you grow weary from turbulent waters, it’s a life ring you can cling to, keeping your head “above water”. When food is scarce, it is a source of strength and sustainance. When under attack, it is an impenetrable shield, and a mighty sword that even the weakest and weariest among men can wield in power and defence.

Sometimes preaching to the choir makes sense. When the world seems to be coming down around our ears, there is increased risk of losing our perspective. There is no end of things we might shift our focus onto, with so much coming at us. In the human realm settled law is being thrown out the window. But God’s law is settled forever.

He is our strength in times of trouble. If we expect to build up a strength of our own, within ourselves, with which to endure, we are fooling ourselves. It’s all His doing to redeem.  It’s all His doing to sanctify. It’s all His doing to preserve. It will be all His doing, in His own timing also to deliver. Our job is to believe and abide by His Word and trust Him in everything.

Simple, but not as easy as it would seem. We tend to think in linear terms. We start school as children, progress through a set number if years, start college, and everything builds upon previous knowledge. We mark “arrivals” at set milestones, marking levels of advancement by awarding diplomas and degrees. The Christian life is not marked out in such a way. We don’t get honors and medals or other feedback to indicate “achievement levels”. We are asked to run our race to win the crown, but very little conception of what that means, heaven-wise. Education here, is construed to make us “more”. Growing in likeness to Christ, means I must decrease, so He will increase.

All we know about eternal life in Christ is it’s better than anything here, and anything we can imagine.

How can the bride of Christ love this world, and prefer to stay here longer?

We win, no matter what! He does it all.

Play nice!

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