I can’t absorb one more word


My capacity to take in one more article, one more video chronicling this world’s descent into madness, has come to a screeching halt. Well, maybe the screeching part was me, but either way, it’s starting to have a numbing effect. I take that as an indication it is time for something to change. Maybe it is time to pivot toward a more one-to-one effort to reach people. There are plenty right around me where I live. My neighborhood, and outward into our city from there.

I am not sure what the Lord has in mind, but I want to find out. Maybe this blog will become a praise report, to share what God does. I don’t know. I don’t get the impression that the blog is altogether ending, but definitely entering a new chapter.  I can’t provide anything more specific than this because the Lord hasn’t revealed it yet, but I am ready to discover what He has in mind. I’ve been in a season of asking, and being still and waiting.  There’s an expectency there, like an invitation, or maybe a challenge to step out of the boat and discover what He is doing and an opportunity to participate in it.

It is a process, learning to differentiate between spiritual static, interference (or even burn-out) and a genuine place and time for change of focus. Eventually it becomes clear that it’s time for some change to happen, but the absolute confidence and peace never materializes until after the leap of faith has been taken.  God seems most often to get me where He wants me to go by blocking off the current road, than by dropping a whole new itinerary in my lap. It’s One day, one step at a time.

This is a leap of faith. We’ll see where He goes.

Not knowing how the final hours of the last days would play out, my husband and I have for many years now simply asked daily that God would prepare us for what He knows lies ahead for us. Therefore, we trust He has.

I had a dream last night, that I drove by a place where my son had been offered a job as a guard. I found out it was not a private company, as he had been told, but rather a government operation for vetting potential hires to ultimately staff internment camps.  Before I could warn my son, I was captured and taken to a prison camp myself.  I remember a sense of inevitability about finding myself there. There were a lot of other Christians there. We recognized one another by the witness of the Holy Spirit alone, without speaking. Though it would seem that as targets, the Christians should have had the most reason for concern about having been brought there, the camp turned out to provide fellowship for many remnant believers who were well aware what it was all about and where things were headed. Though the “powers’ that detained us intended our capture to be punitive, the Christians rejoiced in the circumstances, and in the grace of facing them together, to which our captors were none the wiser. That is a comforting dream in that this is how God works in real life.

Heading quickly through fall and into winter of 2021, it feels like the world is holding it’s collective breath. Although prophecy is history recorded in advance, God leaves plenty unrevealed. A lot is happening, but the relative stability that still exists defies all logic, and all other possible explanation other than the fact God is sustaining it all, just as He always has been. What will ne, will be, and for the redeemed, no matter what comes next down the pike, will be ok. It really comes down to trusting God. You either do,or you don’t. There are no degrees, nothing between trust and doubt. It’s one or it’s the other.


3 thoughts on “I can’t absorb one more word

    • I literally want to crawl into His chest and curl up around His heart. Safety and peace is all in Him and I feel a toothe-ache-like homesickness to bodily be be in His presence. That will be the extreme opposite of what it feels like to exist here in this world as it currently exists. My desire to leave here is just visceral. I guess that’s what it means to be “vexed”.

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