2 thoughts on “Jan Markell interviews Leo Hohmann on the Great Reset and Communism in America

  1. Do any of you feel like I do? I don’t fit in! I am by myself! Few realize the Spiritual Warfare we are in. I have begun to despise the superficial,unmeaningful small talk. Even when with Christians, they don’t want to hear talk of Jesus’s returning for His Bride soon. No matter what is talked about, you tend to keep your real opinions to yourself. Not because of fear, but because it is falling on deaf ears. The young people have no clue of what is going on in their world, and they don’t want to know, which if you are a child of the King is ok because He is in control and we can’t change all the stupidities going on. Insist on mandating vaccinations on Americans, but let the Southern Borders be open for Covid to enter.


    • Oh, do I ever. I have been feeling this way for a long long time, and it is hard not to get frustrated. I have to even be careful expressing these exact sentiments , as sometimes people will get defensive as if I am being “holier than thou”, when I just literally long for the coming life that is the whole point of salvation, that life as the bride, glorified and redeemed in soul, spirit and body and in the presence of our Savior, and perfect fellowship with our family. It won’t be much longer. I just want to think about Jesus and do what He wants me to do in these final moments. I feel very detached from the craziness. It isn’t about us and I don’t feel fear, I just like you said, it falls on deaf ears, so I am going to focus on the people I can look in the eye, and trust the Lord for opportunities. I will continue to pass along the updates, because the pastors who do them, work so hard and as many as possibly can be reached by those, I want to help them get out there. I have had a lot of experience over many years, by God’s grace with putting that shoulder to the wheel and pushing on through difficulty, through lean times, through pain, struggle, etc, for me that is not the hard part, but it is hard to watch people be willfully blind, and the senseless harm and utter cruelty and loveless attitudes, as well as failure of so many of the shepherds. God is good, and He has been so faithful and merciful, and people hate Him and it’s so tragic. I’m so grateful for what Jesus did for me when He saved me, and all the blessings.


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