Mid-East One World Religion Complex Being Built

I think the first time I posted on the topic of this Abrahamic House and covenant was back when Obama was still in office. Point is, this is not a sudden or new development.

Any Christian that doesn’t know about this, is going to have to explain themselves some day to the Lord, for being ignorant (or simply dismissive) of scripture and oblivious (willfully ignorant) as to the fact of and the  significance of these developments
These are blaring warnings as the “last call” to the lost which we are all (the redeemed) called to warn the lost about! He has given us every tool possible to facilitate the perpetuation of the gospel! This blog serves not just as a warning to the lost to get saved, but to believers, whose Master has been “away on a long journey” and whom, when He (very soon) returns, will evaluate whether you have returned what He entrusted to you having multiplied it, (led others to Christ) or at the very least, have “put His money to the exchangers, that He might receive His own, with usury” (meaning to have at least facilitated the gospel reaching others, by your prayers and contributions that facilitated the reaching people with the gospel Truth via the work of others- Matthew 25).

Time is running out for you to invest in “your best eternity” instead of your “best” temporal existence, which is but a vapor (James 4:14). Consider yourself warned!

Play nice!

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