What is the Gospel? | Paul Washer

Paul Washer is one of the most Holy Spirit filled preachers out there. In Christendom that phrase is so misapplied it is pathetic. I grew up in a Presbyterian church, and I didn’t leave the Presbyterian church because of the fact scripture does not bear out all of Calvin’s 5 points. (I am a two point Calvinist. The utter depravity of fallen man is unquestionable, and only God keeps me saved). I left not the Presbyterian church, but church altogether in my 20’s. When I returned to church, I ‘”leaned Baptist” but I also had learned something of the true  power of prayer and authority of the disciple, so I sometimes have saidjokingly say I am Presbapticostal.

I can say this; among ordained pastors I have listened to (thousands!) I  find the most humble of preachers are the truly saved ones in the Presbyterian tradition. (There are an awful, awful lot of unsaved preachers out there in all denominations).  Presbyterian’s  understanding and emphasis on the holiness of God, is something every other denomination could take a lesson from. Most preachers in any denomination, and this is true  even more in the “holiness” and charismatic ones, do not have any inkling of what that word means. They want “the power” which they associate with the Holy Spirit, but the Biblical definitiin of holiness, not so much.

I don’t believe, as some do, that you can lose your eternal life once you are saved, but since  many have put their faith in something other than the blood of Jesus and think they are saved, and  think that means life will be only smooth & wonderful- they will live a certain way by their own effort for a time but when things get tough, they will angrily cast off any semblence of belief, and having “tried Christianity” they will walk away inoculated against the true gospel they never even heard, much less received, and never want to hear another word about God. That’s not losing salvation. That’s calked  trying out a counterfeit and then rejecting the authentic because the counterfeit didn’t deliver on it’s satanic promises.

So people who believe they can lose salvation, may not understand that it is God alone who preserves their saved status but at least they are motivated to live right, and that’s not such a bad thing if it keeps them circumspect about what they will be around, listen to, partake of.

I never embraced the label of evangelical. Mostly I could never ascertain a definition of that, still to this day I don’t know what  people claiming that label, acualky claim to stand for. They certainly don’t seem to focus much on giving the gospel to people, which is what “evangel” means!

I am a follower of Christ. I fail, but my desire is to continually  know Him better and continually be becoming more like Him, and more submitted to Him, and my hope is that He will see fit to use me in some way to benefit the Kingdom He is bringing about. This sermon is a very good refresher of the fundamentals that even “Fundamental Baptists” can benefit from. Sadly, though, most will not even listen to it because Paul Washer is a Presbyterian. The fundy loves to say, “we don’t follow Calvin, we don’t follow Wesley, we follow Jesus”. But the very fundamental pastor or church nember who says that, is blind to the fact his tradition has become his god, and Ichabod is written across the doors. A momunental swath of “Christendom” is not saved, and most of the ones who are, have no fear of God, and really need to get over themselves, and get a glimpse of themselves as God sees them.  These are facts. –STL

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