Travis Scott Concert…A Satanic Ceremony With Signs And Symbols! Dana Ashlie/David Heavener 11/15/21

(Start at about 4 minutes in,if you need to skip promotional stuff)
I know it is critical for God’s people to expose this stuff, and God has His people everywhere, even Hollywood, but I am so thankful that this up close and personal exposure to evil is not the arena God has me “stationed in” as far as ministry calling. I know I hace posted on a lot of the dark stuff all along but I personally really struggle with further disseminating the images, etc, the worse they get. I always come back to Ephesians 5:12 “For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.” But the thing is, this is stuff is no longer being done in secret, it is blatently in-your-face, which shows the restraining influence of the Holy Spirit in God’s people has been diminished and witheld so much, so long, the enemy has been allowed to gain the upper hand over the world for now, and the conditions are fully ripe for the antichrist ststem. I can hardly even stomach the Rapture-Ready headlines some days anymore with the elite pedophile activity. The very people we have elected, and royalty, all these that hold these privileged positions, have this power because they serve and worship Satan. I never could handle much exposure to the stuff Dizdar, Quayle, and others covered because it just sometimes seemed like free media exposure (advertising) for Satan. I know Dizdar was a Christian, as is Steve Quayle, Tom Horne, so I. Just leave it as their business and God surely does care about those being devoured by these very real evils. I don’t need to marinate in it, but those who have marinated in the culture of Hollywood and rock music for years, certainly need these exact type of ministries -STL

One thought on “Travis Scott Concert…A Satanic Ceremony With Signs And Symbols! Dana Ashlie/David Heavener 11/15/21

  1. A year before Kanye West stood on that same stage and performed a ritualistic concert with fellow satanists. The next morning he was “on stage” preaching with Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church. The sheeple were so proud of Kanye’s new found faith in god….not my God!

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