Hold onto your hope

Wow, look away for just a sec, and things get exponentially more alarming. I’ve been away from home trying to keep an eye on my Mom’s care during and after significant vascular surgery. Please keep her in your prayers. Her body is having a rough time of it, but she is a determined lady and we are trusting the Lord, knowing that He has walked this out before us, whatever the outcome. She is on day 7 of what was projected to be 2-5 days in ICU. Key concerns at present are her diminished kidney function and clarity of mind, as the trauma of 11 hr surg has taken a toll.  The surgery itself went well. Please pray for her, for the medical professionals caring for her, and family members traveling and keeping tabs.

Just scanning headlines it seems like we are living Luke 21 when men’s hearts will “fail them for fear of the things coming upon the earth”. Look up, lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth near! I wouldn’t mind celebrating Jesus’ Birthday with Him in person this year, would ya’ll?

3 thoughts on “Hold onto your hope

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