My Mom

On November 29th, my Mom, at 77 years old,  underwent an eleven hour vascular surgery. She had some respiratory distress, which resulted in acute kidney injury, requiring initiation of hemodyalysis, and also causing aphasia and other deficits similar to the symptoms of stroke. She spent a week in ICU and another ten days on the stepdown unit (still specialized care, just not as intensive as ICU). She now faces eight grueling weeks of inpatient rehab before she will be ready to go home, and will likely need some more PT, OT, and other assistance for a while.

I have been sort of living between her home in WV and mine in VA, taking the 5.5 hr trip home for my own appointments, etc, my husband doing the driving of course.

I appreciate all the prayers sent up during surgery and ask that you please keep praying for her, our family, and her care team. She is a very determined lady, and has been through a lot.

If you would like to encourage my Mom by sending an inspirational, motivational or funny card, here’s the address:

Judy Thompson, Room 64,
1924 Glenwood Park Road
Princeton, WV 24739

This was her before surgery, holding her great-grandbaby (hubby’s and my first grandbaby)

Here is a decreased resolution video made by her brother today.

Mom at age 42, me at 22


Mom at age 32 Her favorite outfit!


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