Holding on to the One holding me

Being careful not to delve to deep or linger too long in the ocean of alarming rhetoric that comes from every side, while keeping alert and aware, and informed, is a fine line to walk.

Right now I’m experiencing the inevitable delayed effects of fatigue that comes in the wake of a protracted period of stress. That probably has not even reached it’s crest yet, and the flu like symptoms that come with it.

My spiritual battles seem to generally manifest in the physical and mental realm, things relating to my health and well-being.  I have slept the normal number of hours and then some, over the past few weeks, yet the cumulative fatigue is as if I have hardly slept.

Winter months are always harder, but all things considered, I am weathering things better now than I did in my 30’s and my 40’s, so I am thankful. I am taking supplements, to boost my immune system, antioxidants, and  things that boost nervous system function. And striving to stay rooted in the scriptures more than ever, because I expect that wheras 2020 ushered in a “new normal” and 2021 was chaotic and numbing, the next wave of changes will be calculated to really start establishing the clear separation between those who will submit and have privileges, and those who continue to resist the rapidly consolidating globalist powers.

At the same time, the Lord continues separating His remnant and doing His sanctifying work, burning off the dross of our own faith. Many may feel isolated, but we are one body, and connected by our common faith in the blood of Jesus and the salvation purchased by it. We can and should all be praying for all Christians, so we support and uplift each other, even when we have never met.

We don’t know what the new year will bring, but each day brings us closer to the day we will be with Him.

No matter how long we walk with the Lord, we contend with the same 3 enemies. This world, our own flesh, and the Satanic  powers of darkness. We tend to think every new battle and challenge is different, when really, they are all the same battle, and just like salvation itself, the key is faith. Salvation is as simple as a drowning man grabbing onto a rope. In sickness, cling to Jesus. In darkness, cling to Jesus. It’s not the size of your faith, it’s WHOM you are trusting.

There have been times in my life I didn’t know how some big problem was ever possibly going to be resolved. Have you been there? You screwed up, or something has happened that you didn’t even do anything wrong, didn’t bring upon yourself, but there you are. You are all out of ideas or options. It can be hard sometimes to even figure out when you are supposed to do something, or be still and wait upon God to move.

There have been times the only way I could get to sleep when my eyes were so bleary from crying, I couldn’t read my Bible, but I would literally fall asleep clinging to it like a little kid with their teddy bear. You don’t know what help is coming or when, but you can always know where  it will come from.

I want ya’ll to remember that in 2022. I have gotten quieter, as far as writing, because it’s getting quite serious, isn’t it?

As I have navigated this period of my Mom’s surgery and rehab, I have witnessed the changes in the healthcare system. I feel like it is creaking and groaning under the weight of changes brought about over the past couple of years. Older doctors are retiring fast, and  the corporatization of medicine is becoming the status quo, which will only increase the call for the government to intervene. That is by design.

Good people are still doing their jobs with integrity, and more and more good people are taking their stand in schools, governments, the military. Wherever you are, whatever your battle, I think one of the most crucial things to remember this coming year is practical advice given in Ephesians chapters 4, 5 and 6. Put off the old man, put on the new man, be renewed in your mind, walk in love, let no man deceive you, walk as children of light, have no fellowship with works of darkness. Walk circumspect, (spect: seeing, circum: what surrounds you) redeeming the time, for the days are evil. Being filled with the spirit (allowing Him to control your thoughts, attitudes, and actions-not easy! ).  Speaking to yourselves in hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs. Be cleansed by the washing of the water of the word . Confess  quickly when you sin, keep a “clean house” so the enemy has no legal grounds to torment and accuse. Remind yourself God put your sin on Christ, and Christ’s robe of righteousness on you.

God is able to give joy in the midst of trials and sorrow, even as he perfects and purifies our faith through suffering.


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