Important Information gleaned from the Rogan interview with Dr McCullough

I listened to that whole 3 hr Rogan interview and pulled out some highlights.

-Buy dilute Betadine over the counter at the pharmacy. Use 2 tsp in 6 oz of sterile water. (Never use tap water for nasal lavage). Using a bulb syringe, squirt up nose, and “snort” it to the back of nose and throat, then cough-spit it out, gargle the rest of it. Then follow this with regular antiseptic mouthwash like Listerine or Scope. This is called topical virosidal therapy. You want to do this after having been in closed spaces with others such as public transportation, a crowded store, conference room, or crowded public restroom. The spread of Covid is airborne. Dr. McCullough suggested doing this at the end of the day when you come home from being out, anything where you have spent more than 3 hours in close contact with others because 85% of the spread happens in the home. He sited a study in which 2 groups of 303 people were positive for Covid, and half of them applied this virosidal treatment each day for 3 days, while the control group did not. Of the virosidal regimen users, positives were reduced to only 24 out of the 303 by day 3. So his conclusion is that contagion control must focus on nose and mouth.

-Mask usage does not stop the virus itself from passing through a mask, but does limit the explosive velocity of droplets from a cough or sneeze, that can spread clear across a room without the mask. Haven’t you ever noticed in a class or conference, someone at one table sneezes, a few seconds later someone else sneezes? From one sensitive nose, right to another one across the room. Ew.

-No medical school in America has it’s own protocol for treating Covid. His conclusion: “The best and brightest” have no ideas of their own to offer on this crucial issue. (A sad and alarming commentary on the state of academia in America)

-Rogan asked why so many educated and bright people got it so wrong. Dr. M cited studies that indicate an actual “Mass Psychosis” under way, in which elements of fear are introduced and levels of anxiety are so elevated for so long, that people become willing to give up freedoms, marching in lockstep with the authoritarians.

The Bible in Revelation 18 gives a description of the fall of Babylon and vs 23 says “And the light of a candle shall shine no more in at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee; for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by their sorceries were all the nations deceived”. The Greek word for “sorceries” there is “pharmakeia”. which is a combination of substances as well as the standard understanding of sorceries which is “magik” or dark arts, or the occult and alchemy.

I find it interesting that the experts are looking at this as mass psychosis. The Bible tells us also that in these last days be careful not to be deceived (Matt 24:4) and yet there are so many occult practices that have even infiltrated the churches themselves, such as “spiritual formation”, labyrinths, contemplative prayer, “Christian”  yoga and “Christian destiny cards or Oracle cards” and Enneagram. We aren’t surprised as students of prophecy, that this mass psychosis has taken hold, but what I find interesting are the unbelievers who can see it for themselves. Maybe because they care about truth?

-Dr. M points out that here were Johns Hopkins planning documents about this plandemic that indicate the mass psychosis itselfwas planned. I am just highlighting points that stood out to me from the video which I posted earlier today, and adding my own commentary here. If you want to dig in further you will have to watch the 3 hour interview for yourself, and I really suggest doing so before it disappears off Rumble. The CDC and the WHO both have now officially declared there should be no testing of someone who is asymptomatic, because asymptomatic spread simply is not taking place. 97% of asymptomatic positive test results are found to be false positives, or dead circulating virus. People who get a second infection and think it is Covid, either are positive now, and had some other virus like the flu, before, or had Covid and have some other virus now. He basically said if you have had Covid you have lifelong immunity now.

-Another alarming statement he made is that no Hospital leader in the world has created any plan for preventing hospitalizations and deaths from Covid. They are all only focusing on vaccines. That is insane! Even people who have  had the vaccine are getting Covid and still ending up in the hospital and dying from it. The FDA and CDC are both actual financial stakeholders in the vaccine initiative, and using taxpayer money, while being immune to any risks.

The FDA and CDC are not supposed to be running clinical trials. That was never their role. He said in general with a drug trial, when there have been 5 deaths in a drug trial, a black box warning is issued. With 50 deaths, the drug would be taken off the market. With the vaccines, after a very eager 178 million were vaccinated, we might normally see 187 deaths, yet there was not even a safety review done when after 150,000 vaccines  we yielded 18,000 deaths within 48 hours, and that’s just the ones reported. 80% of deaths were within 2 weeks of getting the vaccine, while 30,000 more were permanently disabled. Most of the deaths were among seniors in their 70’s and 80’s.

Most of the VAERS reporting was done by nurses and doctors, and a few individual patients. The Centers for Medicare did it’s own count and showed 45,000 more than VAERS reports did during the same period.

So much discrepancy!

-Dr. M indicated that essentially the threat to seniors is about the same whether they got the shot or didn’t. Because the threat is the spike protein itself.

The data seems to indicate that myocarditis risk is higher at 80% in boys, as compared to 20% in girls, but that in young active people they may not differentiate between the soreness of myocarditis and overall soreness of their normal athletic activity level and the fact that any strenuous activity when myocarditis is present, can lead to sudden cardiac death, means the sudden deaths of soccer players in Europe, and football players, even though they probably came about from the vaccine, were still preventable, and many of those who died might have survived and recovered if education about the vaccine and myocarditis symptoms had been more thorough. The censorship itself has been the crisis, as much as the vaccines and Covid have. Both Covid, and the vaccines create the spike proteins. The issue here is, these young people were at a very low risk of getting covid to start with, and even if they got it, healthy young people survive it easily. So why the push for vaccines? That is the question people need to be asking themselves. Well, according to the Dr, the launch of a new drug is considered “successful” when the drug profits the drug company a billion dollars in the first  year. Pfizor hit $33 Bilion in the first year with their vaccine. That’s with the taxpayers footing the investment bill, and no advertisement or marketing costs to worry about. No liability for wrongful deaths.

Another very important takeaway from the interview, monoclonal antibodies as early treatment saves lives, and prevents hospitalization. Again, why are we not getting offered those? Merely because the CDC FAQ recommended that people stay home until they were having difficulty breathing, and the same FAQ relegated MABs to “early treatment”. So like a kid who only knows how to push the french fry button on the McDonald’s cash register, doctors literally just aren’t thinking for themselves. Dr. M pointed out that in general doctors are “nerds” intellectual types, not like NAVY seals or cops who are used to charging in and doing bold things, and most of them were just waiting for someone else to tell them what to do. Wow.

I”d say Covid has done for medicine what Covid also did for schools. It has shown us how too many of the people have given over autonomy and oversight and gone to sleep at the wheel. Parents realized the garbage that is being passed off as “education” when it is indoctrination and even grooming. In medicine, nurses have been more astute than doctors have, but doctors are waking up.

That’s good news, but as with education, is it too little and too late? I am speaking from the standpoint even of the lateness of the hour, we know prophecy  is being fulfilled, but we have to continue to contend with this old world as it is, not as we wish it was, until this dispensation ends. Dr. M indicates near the end of the interview that a sort of revolution is taking place in medicine. More and more doctors are raising more and more awareness. Disinformation mills like CNN are circling the drain.

That’s why we have to always keep fighting the fight. Like so much else, there are celebrity types out there on television, even doctors, even testifying before congress, who look the part, and may be well spoken, but most of them actually have never even treated a covid patient, yet they are spouting fake expertise. Like lifelong politicians who have never even worked any real job in the real world. Like the creepy whisperer in the oval office.

This is the world now. This is America now. But God is merciful, and His creation, both the planet, and our amazing human body, are much more resilient than we credit them to be. We don’t have to worry about evil men who are perpetrating this, as believers, we know God has known this all would come, and nothing is flying under His radar. Even the stuff that sticks in our craw. Those things can eat you up if you let it. Don’t. Be like the clam, it spins nacre around the irritant, and that’s what forms a pearl. God is up to something even with the irritants of life.

-Getting back to the vaccines, one last point that Dr. M brought out as far as important info that is being suppressed, it is the lipid nanoparticles of the vaccines that are preferentially taken up in certain organs, like the brain, and heart, ovaries, and adrenals, leading to neurological problems, heart problems, infertility, clotting, etc.

-Covid risk to kids is low. Covid vaccine risk to kids is very high. It makes no sense at all to be mandating these vaccines for kids. Don’t let the pressure wear you down. Keep resisting when it comes to your kids. Pray for those folks that are knowledgeable and who are trying to get the truth out there. Also pray for truth to prevail in media, in government, in the field of medicine, just in the world in general.

The world is in freefall, and there are still a lot of people who haven’t even realized it yet. We all have to be about truth. Truth is powerful. That’s why the enemy is so afraid of it. Tell people the truth about the vaccines, and who knows what other truth they might start being able to see? People are too afraid of truth. Don’t go to church and pretend you are fine when you aren’t. Refuse to play that game. It seems like if we just decided to do that, some of the general mass psychosis might begin to lose it’s grip. It’s got to start somewhere. No wonder the world is so easily deceived. We are the ones who God has given truth to, and yet we were living behind figurative masks long before the face diapers became a thing. Maybe we are just reaping what we have sown in that respect.

I don’t know, just some of my thoughts on this New Years Day as we face a year many of us never thought we would still be here to see. I won’t bother to wonder about how “bad it might get”. 2021 was not a bad year for me, relative to many other years, and even in difficulties there are always blessings to be counted.

So I say, lets just keep on going! Stick to the path. That’s life! Take it as it comes, right?





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