The Truckers Convoy Across America and Trump’s Role

People are “on pins and needles” as they continue to watch the nations of the West lose freedom.  We know America is the ultimate target in the overall scheme, because we have been the most free.

Law and order have been undermined on purpose. Obamas first two terms laid the groundwork, but continued apace behind the scenes during the 4 years of outlandish theatrics of the Trump Administration, and hit warp speed during this term in which the “great globalist wizard” of Oz-bama is hiding behind the curtain.

This is how a police state comes about. Tyrrany and terror are introduced, fear and chaos are stoked to a level that people become desperate for order to be restored. It’s all on purpose.

We hear of a smattering of incidents where police do something extremely outlandish like arrest a bunch of Burger King Customers in NY for not wearing masks, and we vent and lament, but console ourselves with the fact it’s not happening where we live, (until it does).

Now the truckers in America are planning their convoy across the US from California to DC. And Donald Trump and Don Jr are behind them all the way.

Meanwhile there are hundreds of thousands of military age male “refugees” being flown into America, as well as crossing the southern border, and being bussed across the nation, put up in hotel rooms, fed, given clothing, and all sorts of questionable flights crisscrossing our air space. (If you don’t follow Monkeywerx on youtube, you might check him out).

If a freedom rally can be construed as an insurrection, what will those devious tyrants in congress make out of a national convoy of truckers rolling into DC? And who will have “incited” this next “attack” on the capitol? None other than the same guy who “incited” the last one. It won’t matter that he didn’t. It won’t matter that it is peaceful. It’s a perfect setup.

I remember saying I wouldn’t be caught dead going to DC for the Jan 6 rally because anyone who wanted to inflict  a new 9-11 style wound on America, that would be the perfect target. I just never dreamed it would be orchestrated by the very people who supposedly protect the capitol. We know better now, though, don’t we. With the decimation of our own military by vax mandates and wokeism, is there a secondary military being assembled right under our noses? Obama promised that he would do that very thing.

And as much as our military has been undermined from within, so have the nation’s police forces. “Bad cops” make good cops look bad. They give all of law enforcement a black eye. Yeah, no kidding. That’s on purpose too.

So the Marxist- Globalist governors and mayors have an excuse to de-fund them. They let the worst criminals out of prison, and lock up the Burger King diners. They terrorize the people, then they lift the heavy hand of oppression just enough to let people feel a sense of relief and a rise in hope that “normal” is coming back and then “wham”! The next wave of traumatizing terror at the hands of the very ones who are ostensibly meant to protect our freedoms. Stockholm syndrome on a national scale.

America, normal is not coming back. Jesus is. The very fact that this “convoy” has now been linked to the Trump campain just about gaurantees that it will somehow “get out of hand” and turn into something like Bastille Day in France a decade ago. There are Christians on youtube talking about dreams and visions. No doubt some of that is craziness, but I have heard some that I could relate to this very convoy scenario. Enough to make you think! Who but the most brain dead in this nation, cannot feel something building toward a crescendo. America is in God’s crosshairs. Forget the enemies-within-the-state in our own government and the nation states that have been emboldened against us. None of them could touch America if we hadn’t turned as a nation against God.  The remnant of God’s faithful people have to pray for mercy, but who could blame the Lord if He is finished hearing any more pleas on behalf of America? Even if Roe v Wade were overturned,  it won’t bring back 70 million babies slaughtered.

People are itching for war. Be careful what you wish for. God’s people are leaving soon, but we don’t know exactly when, or how much we will see or endure of the consequences of man’s foolish choices before then. This year isn’t getting any younger and in my bones I feel this is to be the year of the breaking of our nation. It can be a breaking unto repentance or a breaking unto it’s utter demise! It is definitely time to be prayed up, armored up, lifting Jesus up, and looking up!

Play nice!

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