The insanity meter is red-lining

This morning was the first time in over a week that I have had time to scan through all of the news sources in my “repertoire” of go-to sites. One doesn’t have to hear or read much to know the world has lost it’s ever-lovin’ mind, but how much longer can this thing hold together? Seriously?

Everything in terms of order, decency, and decorum has been flipped on it’s head. People are celebrating little “victories” like seeing extreme leftists like Bill Mahr stand up for common sense, or San Francisco school board members get recalled, but they don’t see that those things are like a 70 year old pack-a-day smoker with stage four lung cancer finally kicking the habit!

Governments, the court system, crumble from being eaten up with corruption. Healthcare is imploding from greed, graft, dumbing-down, and the magnitude of unhealthy life choices and habits, coupled with an aging population, and this  genosidal plandemic.

No one can really explain how the world economy has not already collapsed. Nothing but God Himself is sustaining it.

Americas president is a brain-dead drooling geriatric who has literally gone mad, while Putin is toying with heads of state like the cheshire cat.

Will the next health crisis be monkey pox, or hemorrhagic fever? Will the new ” freedom” from masks last through spring?

New Yorkers now have to pass a mental health exam to purchase a gun, while the red flag laws have just been repealed in VA, until the next wave of elections turns the tide back the other direction. It’s like those tops and purses covered in sequens, and by running your hand acrross them, the sequens flip over and change the color. Action+equal and opposite reaction. Unstoppable force meets immovable object. It can only go on for so long.

I just can’t see the Lord letting it go on descending into madness much further with His bride still here. I know the crazier and more bleak-looking things become, the more people try to be cautious about not giving false hope, and thus the more we hear the echoing reminder of “we don’t know, it could still be a while yet before the rapture of the church”.

No. I don’t believe it can. God isn’t going to tolerate such disorder for long before doing something about it. He lets man have the consequences eventually. Always does.

I don’t think that “could still be a while” disclaimer is necessary any more. I think the crazier things get, the clearer it becomes that accelleration and increasing frequency and intensity will be the pattern until like a whirlwind, we will be swept up and out of the storm as if by the storm itself, and all I can say is, it can’t happen soon enough!

Around the time Bill Clinton was in office, it seems that the rebellious haters of God finally reached the height of defiance and with that open defiance, a process of exposure by God himself seemed to start. It went into overdrive in the wake of 9-11. The truthers, architects and engineers, dared to shine a light on the cockroaches running America, the superpower and self-appointed global police department. They had milked the “good neighbor America”, somehow managed to preserve that image outwardly for decades, even while working with terrorists, cartels, and despots. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It was inevitable. Under Obama, that awakening spread. Not talking about “woke”, I mean blinders came off. Before censorship set in, the internet was full of exposés on Jade Helm, grave liners, FEMA camps, Agenda 21, False Flag events. By the end of Obamas 2nd term, they weren’t even pretending anymore not to be fomenting a full on color revolution. Next came MAGA. The Marxist pattern of inducing terror, then “granting” mercy that is all part of conditioning and grooming people via trauma til they are grateful when you give them a slice of bread because they understand you could as easily feed you cyanide.

So don’t get all excited about Trump’s campain. Sure, if we’re still here, it might be better conditions for a bit if he were re-elected, but the total transformation Obama promised has been accomplished and is irreversible. It did not merely transform America. The world has changed. I’d go so far as to say it has literally changed right down to a molecular level. CERN, black matter, the fabric of timespace, the genetic alterations of mRNA, chimeras, genetic modification of trees and plants. Have we not gone further than Babbel?

Now more than ever, it is abundantly clear how when the Lord does remove His restraining hand, this place is going to self destruct like a lit cigarette carelessly discarded in a firework warehouse built over a nuclear waste storage dump. I am not Holy. I am merely, by grace alone, mercifully garbed in the imputed righteousness of Christ, and my soul is extremely vexed every hour of every day. If it is this hard for us, in our unglorified state to bear, I cannot imagine a holy and perfectly righteous God will bear with the stench much longer. He is perfectly fair and perfectly reasonable. He has given every person an innate knowledge of Him. There will be no excuse.

Jesus repeats Himself three times in Revelation 22, in verses 7, 12, and 20. “Behold I come quickly, behold I come quickly, and surely I come quickly”.

In scripture 7 is associated with divine perfection and completion, like the 7th day being completion of creation and declared a sabbath rest.

12=divine authority, 12 tribes, 12 apostles.

20 is associated with a trial and divinely appointed period of waiting, after which a reward (or just punishment) is granted. Jacob labored and endured the cheatings of Laban 20 years to earn his wives. Solomon waited 20 years for his house and the temple to be completed.

Even the secular “doomsday clock” proves mankind knows what time it is.


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