The time of crushing

As you can tell, my posting schedule can be pretty erratic these days. A lot depends on when I’m traveling related to Mom’s care, keeping tabs on her household, and to visit her, or whether my energy level is up enough to handle the weight of the current developments.

Yesterday I had the joy of getting to see and hold my grandbaby. Hadn’t seen him since a very brief distanced visit on Christmas. I savored every second of it!

Now that Mom has had Covid, I don’t have to worry about that. She had the Omicron variant, and physically she had some cough, sore throat, aches, and got over those in about 10 days, but the isolation and the accompanying exacerbation of altered mental status covid brings to elderly folks who already struggle with early dementia, have thus far not lifted. Time will tell if those changes will be permanent, as I understand they sometimes are.

Meanwhile, the developments relating to Russia and Ukraine, as well as Russia-Syria-Israel, sure have taken us a giant leap closer to Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38. No surprise. But this state of heightened anticipation coupled with the sense of being on call at all times for Mom, is wearing.

What I believe is of uppermost concern for America right now, is the intention of the American Truckers to recreate the Canadian freedom convoy here. It’s good to see organized uprising and pushback, but we have given them way too much time to prepare.  The images, videos and reports out of Canada are quite concerning. Not surprising in the least, but even when you know what is coming, you still feel it in the pit of your stomach, you know?

Like I said last week, When they start the convoy here in America, you know the response of the “powers that be” must surpass that of the rogue powers in Canada. America is the  “Holy Grail” of freedom. If the globalists can quash a nation-wide uprising here, they will have conquered the world. I think there is a high potential for this to kick off something that has long been coming, but that far too many Americans are utterly unprepared for. I think they will go all out to try and make sure this turns into the crisis that breaks America once and for all. I don’t think they will succeed, at least not quickly, but I expect we will continue to see abuses of power, that violate the Constitution more and more as they continue to chip away at it and undermine its role in the way governance is conducted in our nation. They will create chaos, because they want an excuse to have to “restore order”. Every time they do that, it’s an a larger scale. The end goal is global chaos, and a chance to “restore” order on a global scale, via the Antichrist.

Sometimes a sudden collapse seems almost preferable to witnessing this slow tortuous devouring of America’s foundation. But as always, we have to pull back and view it all from the perspective of God’s plan for man and in context of history and the ages, both past and future.

The preparation for this, for us, must be spiritual. Don’t forget. Our perspective has to be focused and rooted in the spiritual. We remain firm in our convictions, stand firm against tyranny, but it is circumstances like this where God might allow you or me to be pressed, squeezed, and crushed, but the crushing of the grapes is what produces the sweetness af the wine. We have to yield to God, and his will in what He allows, even while we stand. People will be “trampled”, unjustly arrested, and other difficulties. But our trust for justice is in God. He will make it right in His time.

Meanwhile, count your blessings, live thankful. Stay obedient and don’t give place for Satan to get a toehold. Therein is your safety.

It’s all good. God’s still in charge. Submit yourself to Him and acknowledge Him in all your ways. He will direct you, He will keep you, and sometime soon, He will deliver His own. He will crush the rebellion of prideful man once and for all.




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