Bill Would Let Feds Purge Military, Police With Charges Of ‘Hate Crimes’

These things are happenining in America not because we didn’t vote, not because we got lazy and let our guard down, although we did. These things are happening because Christians failed to know their God, failed to know and obey His Word. Obedience is safety. The entire Old Testament is one example after another driving home this point. An entire generation lost sight of this, but the youth still have a chance for mercy. For whatever time is left, I plead for the generations that are inheriting this legacy, this remnant raised in church but not taught because the generation in charge dropped the ball. I pray for mercy for their sake, that they will walk in the promise of Daniel 11:32, and they will know their God and shall be strong (stand firm) and do exploits (great, noble, heroic achievements- Websters 1828 Dictionary).–STL

H.R. 350 would give federal agencies the power to classify as ‘domestic terrorism’ whatever bureaucrats consider a ‘hate crime.’

Source: Bill Would Let Feds Purge Military, Police With Charges Of ‘Hate Crimes’

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