Day of darkness

I had just sat down with my coffee and scriptures when the power went out this morning. No storm. No squirrell getting zapped on the transformer out back. Neighbors too! Rolling blackout maybe?

Nah, it wasn’t even hot yet. Turns out there was a car accident that has put about a fourth of our little town on the power-outage map. Should be back up and running in another couple of hours. Plenty of sunlight outside, and we have a couple of small solar power cells for recharging our phones, so I am still able to check the news and post.

I have read headlines today that literally made me feel sick. That’s saying something. I seldom link to the worst stuff. We need to be aware of it, sure, but I often just can’t bring myself to pass along some of the worst, most disheartening news of these evil times. The debauchery that is so quickly becoming mainstream is getting pretty alarming.  Other than some breaking article about how sex rituals are starting to become a feature of mainstream church “worship”, I can’t think of much that’s yet to develop to differentiate this moment in history from the Noah and Lot days.  I am sure you are wondering, like me, how much worse does it have to get?

God has warned and warned this world for thousands of years. Maybe that is the reason for Revelation 22:11

He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

The time comes when God’s patience ends.

Despite the fact America is not mentioned in prophecy, I think America will play a very pivotal role in the end of this age. The way America will effect world events will be by her implosion.

They say collapse happens two ways: slowly, and then suddenly. Looking back over the Obama-then Trump-then covid, and now  Obiden years, fundamental transformation sure enough did take place.

I always felt like Trump was allowed as a placator. The Qanon phenomenon fooled a lot of people. Bought time for more deconstruction of the old world order, and for more globalist groundwork to be laid. In the final takedown of the current/old world order, America is most likely meant to be the “primer charge” that will initiate that collapse. It makes sense, seeing as how the world views America as world leader.

Right now, people still believe a “next election” will swing the pendulum back the other way as it has done for decades. But we really are running out of “normalcy”. That condition of buying, selling, marrying, building and planting, “business as usual” of Luke 17, is the state the world will be in when the Bridegroom comes for us.

For one thing, marriage, as God defines it, is declining. But with food shortages, droughts, the purposeful undermining of world economy, increasing violence, and rising death rates, with lawlessness, and societal breakdown, life as we have known it on planet Earth, has already irrevokably changed. Order is breaking down. It’s been a little at a time, but I think the slow phase is about over. So what that the courts and state bodies are niw coming right out and admitting, along with the proof in the documentary 2000 Mules, that the election was stolen. So what if some mainstream sources are admitting the vaccine injury and  death numbers were kept hidden, and intentionally misrepresented. That simply shows the globalists have achieved so much that there’s no way back.

The sun is stting on the church age. Like when summer wanes, the days get shorter and nights get longer.  Today’s power outtage in my town was merely the product of a car crash. Already the estimated time for restoration of power has been pushed back from 1pm to 7pm. For now, I can still feel pretty confident that it will be back on at the least by tomorrow when it’s time for coffee again. But will that be the case in a year? Just look how much has changed since 2018.

My hope is in the Lord. The Great Reset is hanging right over our heads.  I heard Jan Markell say the other day that she believes the Great Reset is the Tribulation itself. I have to say I agree. They’re doing this. It’s happening. It isn’t going to go the way the elites think.

God is going to remind them who is really in charge.

Darkness is falling. Do you have the Light? Jesus is the light of the world. Do you know Him?


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