Hope for brighter days

You hear about a local tragedy and suddenly you feel hollowed out. Your heart hurts. Around you, you are aware that different folks all are having various degrees of success at coping with the increasing instability. Evil seems to lurk. You look for ways to distract yourself, to stay busy-minded so as not to dwell.

“What is going on in this world? What is happening to people? How can they be so cruel and heartless?  Where is God? Why doesn’t He do something?”

He is going to.


Soon. Are you sure you want Him to, though?

“What do you mean?”

I mean, what do you know about Him? About what He is like?

“I don’t know, He is supposed to be “love”, right? How can a loving God let children get killed, not to mention so much other awful stuff?”

Let’s say your Dad is a doctor.


First, do no harm, and all that , the Hippocratic oath? So, how could your Dad let those kids die?

“That’s stupid, my Dad lives here, he wasn’t even there, how could he stop it?”

Exactly!  If we, as a nation, don’t go to God, if we remove Him from our midst because we don’t want Him involved in our laws, our morals, our classrooms, our courtrooms or our congress, how can He be blamed for what takes place in His absence? Same goes for all people and nations.

The Bible says that a time will come when the majority of the world’s people will hate God and when they have rejected Him, He will give them the separation from Him that they want. He will turn them over to their love of evil. This will render them unable to even discern whether something is detrimental. They will call what is good “evil” and what is evil, they will call “good”. Do people seem to be just losing their minds? Does commen sense seem to be becoming extinct? When God removes Himself, His Holy Spirit and the salt and light of believing Christians from the World,  that is when people will come to understand that apart from God there is no life. Separation from the very source of life, is death.

It is not anybody’s imagination. This world is getting dark. It’s gonna get a whole lot darker. Jesus referred to Himself as the light of the world. God gave us the Bible so we could know Him, and 30 percent of the Bible foretold future events, some of which already came to pass, like the birth of Jesus, the attempts to kill him as a child, and His actual death at age 33.

The Bible warned in 2 Timothy about this time we are living in. Paul called it a “perilous” time. Risky, dangerous. The time of the end of this age.

Daniel 9  tells us when this present age ends, God will turn His attention back to the Jewish nation, and will judge the world in a time of wrath referred to in scripture as the tribulation.

During this time, the world will change drastically. National sovereignty will end. First, possibly before the tribulation, the world will be divided into 10 power regions, probably based on trade agreements, so that governing power will consolodate to a global configuration. Power eventually will be consolodated into the hands of one singular global leader whom the Bible calls the Antichrist. At the beginning, he will seem to have all the answers to the world’s problems, and to bring about peace and security on a global scale via a 7 year peace covenant “with many”. But the world will learn his evil intent when halfway through the 7 years, he breaks that agreement. He will be possessed by Satan himself. He will be ruthless.

The prophetic books of scripture tell us about coming battles, and even the outcome of those battles. Revelation tells us there will be famine, financial devastation, catastrophic seismic events, massive numbers of deaths, and a system which enables the government to track every person and control them, everything from what they are allowed to say, to whether or not they have access to food. The capability to do this exists right now. Technology, surveillance, controls, ability to shut off your  power, water, and access to your own money. Covid changed the world. What will change with the next crisis? You think a school shooting is bad? What will happen when several elementary schools are hit simultaneously? Our world is changing at breakneck speed, and the elites of mankind are arrogantly fiddling with things God has warned about in the past, but since they reject Him, they’ve forgotten, or choose to forget or defy those warnings.

When God moves to administer justice, it will be based on His definition of Holiness, His given laws, and His determined punishments. He will not be subject to or limited by our human concept of what is right, fair, or just. His ways and standards are much higher than any we could ever imagine. Even your own sins will be examined on that level. You say you want Him to intervene about the evil in the world, but what about your own “crimes”? When He addresses rebellion, He will address all rebellion.

“I haven’t committed any crimes!”

You sure?

God said “thou shalt not steal”. Ever stolen anything? Even something small? Ever told a lie? God’s standard is perfection. Therefore, whether someone kills or steals or lies, these all render you imperfect, and any imperfection at all separates us from God.

God prepared a place where the impure will be “quarantined” from Him, he calls it hell.

But nobody has to go there. Because even back before God created mankind, He knew Adam would sin. He knew each of us would. He knew and He made a plan for redemption. Jesus bore our guilt for us, so our penalty has been paid, if we will place our trust in that act of sacrifice Jesus took on our behalf when he came in the flesh, lived a sinless life despite being tempted in all the same ways we are,  voluntarily laid down his life on the cross  was buried, and then rose victorious from the dead taking up his life again by His power over death itself!

Anyone who goes to hell, goes because they refuse to bow to God and admit they are guilty sinners, and refuse this sacrifice made on their behalf. They retain their guilty status, and therefore must be separated eternally from God in hell. When we wish for God to do something about the evil in the world,  we must also consider the evil in our own hearts, because He will address all sin. To us, we see evil in degrees. To him all sin is evil. All rebellion against His law is sin. Just like in our justice system, ” ignorance is no excuse, in fact, nobody is ignorant, because we have a conscience. That means we know when we do wrong. The very word conscience means “with” (con), knowledge (science).

America was founded on Judeo Christian morals straight from the Bible. There was a time Germany and England predominantly followed the God of scripture. Other nations too. The more a nation honors God, the more it thrives and prospers. Each of these nations turned away from God, and suffered the consequences. America sent missionaries to the whole world. America has been blessed beyond measure, and to whom much is given, much will be required.

God chose Israel to be a holy nation through which the rest of the world would be blessed. The old Testament is one long series of Israel straying from God in disobedience, and being punished, and then restored. God made no such covenant with America.

He also promised to bless those who blessed Israel and curse those who cursed Israel, and that, too, played out again and again in scripture.

It is time for people and nations to remember God, before it is too late. Judgment is coming. What God has proclaimed, He will do. He sent prophets 6000 years ago, and continues to do so today. Most people refuse to hear what they say. You can read all about it for yourself in the Holy Bible. Today is a good day to start. But I wouldn’t put it off if I were you!  Wrath is coming.  Flee from it, to the safety of salvation and redemption in Jesus. The brighter days will come after the judgment. Jesus Himself will rule in perfect peace.





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