A Global ESG System Is Almost Here: We Should Be Worried

The ESG score is being implemented via corporations, but if you have never typed your own name into a search engine, (and if you haven’t recently, I suggest you do) you will find that the personal, individual  aspect of this societal grading system for social credit is also already in existence.

This will all coalesce in the tribulation. Do you wonder, as I did when I first discovered it, just who is grading your “reputation” out there? (AI, apparently!)

Anybody who has ever posted anything online, applied for a job, sold something or bought something, has a reputation score.  It is just another “thing” spawned by the worldwide web. ( End personal commentary. Article link below)–STL

The growing alliance between big government and big business—with a little help from the media—carries substantial fascist overtones.”

Source: A Global ESG System Is Almost Here: We Should Be Worried

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