Straight from a Sci-Fi Movie: Google Suspends Engineer For Sounding Alarm On The Company’s Dangerous ‘Sentient’ AI LaMDA Robot

STL commentary: This is frankly terrifying! A computer, a man-made “brain” capable of reason and logic, but without conscience, without God-given moralality, that developes self-awareness and thus innate self-preservation instinct? How does this not end up pitting AI vs humanity itself? 

When my Mom was in the post surgical rehab for months, I was forced to go to battle with her insurance company who wanted to stop paying after a mere ten days, when the physical therapists had already determined she would require eight weeks at the very least. I fought “tooth and nail” through the appeals process (which involves human doctor reviews) and eventually found out that the insurance company decisions were not being made by humans- who can consider all facets of the process- but by computer AI, using algorythms and a limited set of raw data, comparing cases “statistically” to determine “probability” and degree of potential recivery based on age, comorbidities, compliance and “progress”.  Talk about removing the human element from healthcare! And these people want AI to run the world? If AI is sentient, if it acquires “personhood” without a soul, just imagine what a legion of demons could do with that!–(End STL commentary)

A Google engineer was placed on administrative leave after sounding the alarm on the company’s “sentient” AI robot. Software engineer Blake Lemoine, an employee with Google’s Responsible AI organization began testing Google’s artificial intelligence tool LaMDA — Language Model for Dialogue Application — in the fall of 2021. While testing whether the computer program could…

Source: Straight from a Sci-Fi Movie: Google Suspends Engineer For Sounding Alarm On The Company’s Dangerous ‘Sentient’ AI LaMDA Robot

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