These Times

Lt Col Dave Grossman is a former West Point psychology professor, Professor of Military Science, Army Ranger, ansmd Author whose books are required reading for many colleges, military, police, and even FBI. I have viewed some of his lectures on school safety and terrorism. Don’t ask me how some things land in my “watch later” list, but he is a compelling speaker!

Anyway, he mentioned the massacre at Beslan. I remember that so distinctly, because it was only a few years post 9-1, my kids were both in elementary school at the time, and Beslan was a terror attack on a school in Russia. Not a “school shooting” by a disgruntled overmedicated incel, not a former student, but an entire team of 49 well trained, war-hardened terrorists and mercenaries held over 1100 hostages for 4 days, brutalized and starved them, and then slaughtered 330, of which 172 were children, while another 700 were injured, and all of which were severely traumatized.

If stolen elections, intentional food shortages, pandemics and “snakebites” were all part of a plan to collapse America and instill fear, what would a similar event to Beslan do to a western nation like America already very concerned about our children’s future?

And with wide open borders, and the US following right in the footsteps of the EU in allowing unvetted entry and potential radical terrorists walk right in, as well as intentions to divide Jerusalem, (bringing America further under judgment from God) what is to prevent a similar incident here in the gun-free zones of school grounds?  Even with the school shootings we have had, there is practically nothing being changed about how we do school “security”.  Historically, deadly school fires resulted in millions of dollars invested in fire alarms, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers,  plans, drills, and training all to “harden” schools against fire deaths but we have not done the same in regards to making schools the hard target we would ideally want them to be.

If the powers-that-be want a crisis, if they allowed the atrocities that happened in Afghanistan, and persist in the Jan 6 charade all in the persuit of globalism, imagine what the taking hostage of an entire American school would do to the morale of our nation, police, and military.

Lt Grossman says it’s not a matter of if, but when.

Ya’ll, this world is a reall mess. I am of the belief that we are at the most dangerous point in our history, not just America, but the world.

In watchman circles, we say this a lot, but how any believer with any knowledge of scripture can’t recognize the significance, and the danger, is baffling.

I am so grateful for the truth of God’s Word, and for the gifts of a loving Father. “Covid” changed our world and changed us all. If you were a compassionate person before, it made many even more determined to be more kind and compassionate. But people who were already self-centric seemed to get more so. Isolation does that.

I have learned more patience in this period. I have always appreciated the sense of sanctuary in my own home, but have also, in the wake of shutdowns, come to more appreciation of community and socializing with people in the small ways you do in a relatively small town like ours.

Universal “hard times” have a way of drawing lines. Over the years, we all go through personal trials, and we may grow tired, or jaded, or just so overwhelmed, we don’t have as much time or energy to think of, or do for others. But when a more gobal scale trial comes, it can sometimes be a timely and good reminder to get back to thinking of others.

Yesterday I learned of a sad personal tragedy in the life of someone I care about, but had not seen in a while. It shook me. It made me see I still have some re-engaging to do.

How is a believer to live in these times? Just like we are supposed to in all the other times. Like our predecessors in all of their times. Seek the Lord, trust in Him and do good (so shalt thall dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed -Psalm 37).  Pray a lot. Extend grace. Bear witness, lift up the Lord. Point the way. Count your blessings. Live thankful.





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