Pandemic of sex abuse in “Christian” churches

I just did a basic search. I could fill several posts just with links to more articles on this that I found. It is not just the SBC. That cup of wrath cannot possibly be far from overflowing! God said judgment begins at the house of God, the church! He said nothing is hidden that will not be revealed, or done in darkness that will not be brought into the light. The problem of sexual abuse in churches is that too many “pastors” are not only not called, but they’re not even born again!–STL

38 charges of sexual misconduct of pastors in Canadian megachurch

SBC votes to track pastors with credible abuse allegations against them

View list of alleged SBC abusers

Lancaster County former youth pastor convicted of sex abuse

May: Philidelphia pastor charged with sexual abuse, rape

Indiana woman confronts pastor over childhood sex abuse

2014:  25 pastors arrested

However, isn’t the scariest part that these crimes go on right in front of our nose while nobody really talks about it simply because Protestant pastors don’t wear “funny robes”? 

2019: Hundreds of Southern Baptist leaders, volunteers accused of sexual misconduct in bombshell investigation

2022: Michigan youth pastor of River Church in Kimball

2014: Children’s Ministry, Savage Minn solicitation of kiddie porn

June 6 this year:  Chicago Former Pastors Arrested Amid Multi-State Child Sex Assault Investigation

and on and on it goes….Iowa, Florda, Alabama, Georgia, Arizona, Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Indiana, not just US, but Canada, Germany, UK, South Africa, Mexico not just SBC, also Independant Fundamental Baptist, Methodist, Reformed, Non-denominational, Presbyterian. Among the sexually abused were boys, girls, women, very elderly, and mentally challeged. Folks, that was just with 20 minutes of searching.

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