Hearbreaking article, “Cancelled at 17” in New Yorker Magazine

We are living in Babylon. All social order and common sense are very quickly dissolving. Our two boys have been out of high school seven and five years now, respectively, and even at my age (57) I can viscerally recall the acute discomfort and anxst that is intrinsic to those specific developmental years. To this day I maintain the assertion that ages 17 to 27 are the hardest years of ones life, in terms of figuring things out like who you are and what to do with your life, finding place and purpose.

As our world devolves, as the adults lose the ability to behave in a civil manner and maintain order and decorun, as all moral foundations have been chipped away, the kids coming of age have been cheated of innocense, having been exposed to rampant violence, debauchary and sexual and “trans” gender topics now in kindergarten. On top of that, a new batch of kids had all the structure and boundries of “school” ripped away for 2 years, and add to that the fact that kids have been conditioned to label every shifting mood and dark thought as “mental illness”, and half are in psychotropic pharmaceuticals, is it any wonder so many of these kids are ticking timebombs?

This article from the New Yorker gives you glimpse of a “day in the life” of high schoolers today, and God help them, they need Jesus. They need to understand about sin nature, and forgiveness, and redemption. Their principals and counselors have nothing to offer, and threw up their hands and quit because they have no answers either! !–STL


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