Has time literally sped up?

I really cannot understand what is happening to time. Are days still 24 whole hours long? Is an hour still 60 minutes? Did God double the speed of rotation of the earth? I feel like I glanced at the calander a few days ago, and was surprised to realize April was nearly over, and now, so are May and June! And if time is flying so fast, why does it still seem like it’s taking so long for that blessed hope of His appearing? I know He has His timing. Yes, I care about the lost, and want them to have time to be saved. I’m not a mocker/scoffer, and even I am asking “where is the promise of His coming”. Is that in the prophecies? Does it say we who are watching will ask that as well? Are we there yet? How much further, Abba? It can’t be long because the world is in freefall and the tachometer is revving high.

Oh Lord, get ahold of our kids. Young people today don’t know. Older ones have become calloused and deaf and willfully blind. Reach those loved ones we keep praying for. Get through to the preachers that know the lateness of the hour and yet inexplicably aren’t warning folks. Give us courage, boldness, eyes to see the fields “white unto harvest”.

I like the way Hal Lindsay sums it up:

The hurricane has not arrived. But the wind has picked up, and it’s beginning to rain. The barometric pressure is dropping. And in the distance, we see a dark, threatening sky. It’s a good time to draw close to the Lord and His word, and to spread that word everywhere. We stand remarkably close to the culmination of this age, and the beginning of something glorious. 



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