Summer Daze

We’ve had our grandbaby for the better part of 3 weeks, with 10 or so more days to go, while both mommy and daddy are on training exercises. God meant people to be parents while young for good reasons, lol. Whew! This week, we get to keep the Husky dog, to boot!

Our little Theo is getting close to his first Birthday, come September! He is crawling, pulling up and standing, walking while holding onto the furniture, and I am just hoping he waits til Mommy and Daddy get back before he takes his first steps solo!

It is hot hot hot here in central Virginia! This time of year I stay in as much as possible!

Mom is still struggling, and my nephew has his hands full with her. I expect I will be heading back to WV after our time with baby, to give him at least a break for a while.

We are so happy and blessed for this bonding time with the baby, even if we are sleep-deprived.

So, anyway, just letting ya’ll know why it’s been quiet here at the blog. Will be back at it soon, Lord willing!


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