Troubled World

From Amir Tsarfati:

Lightening hit the click tower in Mecca Saudi Arabia. A rare rain in August


Conflict Flares Between Azerbaijan and Armenia as Russia’s Attention and Military Are Consumed by Putin’s War in Ukraine

I posted earlier this week that North Korea offered 100,000 troops to help Russia in Ukraine.

The U.S. sent mixed messages regarding China and Taiwan. Pelosi made her show of support for Taiwan independence, while the White House officially stated that it does not support Taiwan’s independence!

So, to sum things up, the consensus is that we are on the verge of global food crisis, with new pandemic outbreaks pending, stagflation and potential for a new depression worse than the Great Depression, a Eurozone sovereign debt crisis, and potential nuclear war. Got it!

Yep, that’s the world you face today. What’s your consolation? How’s it all working out for you?


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