The remnant believer with eyes to see

I watched a video yesterday that showed realtime footage of massive landslides and high magnitude earthquakes. I have experienced one small earthquake, amout M4, but just watching an M7 on camera, I can imagine how terrifying that would feel. The indoor effects are one thing, but to stand on the ground outside and feel the Earth itself reel and shake so bad that it nearly knocks you off your feet, seems almost unimaginable. And yet I couldn’t help but compare the vicarious experience of those things via video, to the global economic, political, and spiritual shaking that is happening. That’s not even to mention the time when the entire Earth will literally “reel to and fro like a drunkard”. (Isaiah 24:20)

As I watched massive sections of mountains seemingly liquify and melt and saw 3 ton boulders skitter down like pebbles, I thought of Isaiah 54:10 that says the mountains will be shaken and the hills will be removed, and in Zechariah 14 where it says when Jesus steps onto the Mount of Olives the mountain will cleave from East to West and form a valley running north to south.

We read the Bible and know of all the “stories” where people witnessed acts of God with their own eyes. We believe they are literal, but we still fail to comprehend the magnitude of God’s power and wrath, and so, watching those first-hand videos really provided me a momentary visceral sense of what some of the early believers  witnessed, and what the world is headed for.

As humanity sacrifices millions of babies to Molech, and glorifies Ba’al and other false gods in the Olympic and Commonwealth games ceremonies, movies and music, we can scarcely comprehend the fire called down by Elijah that devoured the altar of Ba’al in  I Kings chapter 18.

Day after day, as we watch the dissolution of order and rule of law, we could allow ourselves to become aggrieved, if we consider the blessings being thrown away. Instead, we should stand in awe of our God who is so holy and sovereign that He can allow this all to run it’s course precisely because He has the power to make it all right again no matter what destruction mankind brings about.

Politics pale into utter insignificance. From heads of state, world bankers and tech wizards making their megalomaniacal pronouncements, to talking heads with their hourly doomsday scripts, the attempts to brainwash the masses are powerless to sway those whose minds, hearts and spirits are steeped in the Word, yet there is still a sense of astonishment at the successful hypnosis of the majority!

There’s a difference between knowing (believing) something is a fact, (taking God at His Word about this time we are living in) and witnessing it play out. It’s kind of like the difference between hearing an executioner describe death by electric chair, verses watching a death by electric chair. It should  make one all the more glad and grateful for salvation in Jesus. And it does!

Luke 21:36 tells us
“Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.” I think of several beloved prophecy teachers who have gone to be with the Lord in just the past 2-3 years, who are safely home, and were safely home before having to witness the drastic developments that have come about since the latter part of 2019. I consider the fact that several of the current remnant  with large platforms (which they are faithfully using as watchmen to warn the world),  have almost all uttered something like: “I never imagined we’d be here long enough to see this development or that depth of darkness”. As the darkness descends and christians become more and more the direct target of demon-inspired rage and public enemy number one to the globalist agenda, will God remove those folks, counting them worthy to escape the things we see coming just over the horizon? Is that perhaps even the special blessing hinted at, for those who study the book of Revelation? Many of the remnant count on thise ministries, draw comfort from the knowledge they provide connection to a scattered remnant. Will God remove that layer of consolation, perhaps to necessitate our personal dependance on Him alone, and the strengthening of our faith?

I don’t know, but it sure should make us stop and consider. Even when we feel like our reading and studying isn’t translating into the degree of understanding we hope for, we know the Word never returns void. It is powerful. It accomplishes God’s purposes.

It comes back to “seek ye first the kingdom”, doesn’t it?  If you look around and wonder, with everything happening in the world, and where to focus your energy, mind, and resources, there’s your answer. It’s down to you and God. Me and God.

Considering the fact we do find ourselves witnessing things many never expected to see, there are probably going to believers who, although they will be raptured, will forego peace in the interim between now and then.  They will suffer unnecessary fear, doubt, anxiety. I don’t want to be in that number. I know it could be argued that this “praying to be accounted worthy to escape” applies to tribulation events and tribulation believers, but I’m praying it, regardless!

It’s tough too, in this late hour, being a parent of young adults. We raised them in church, prayed with them and over them. But the statistics are sobering. “Team evil” is the home team and my kids are out there on enemy turf, you know? They don’t “get that” yet. They’re still in their early 20’s. You know; invincible! Prayer. Covering them with prayer!

I once heard a preacher tell a story of a mom whose toddler got snached up in the jaws of a gator. She dug her nails right into the flesh of that child and she managed to keep hold until the gator released it’s grip. Thats how determined we have to be in our prayers because thats how hungry and relentless the prowling enemy is who wants to devour our young, and it’s life or death, eternally speaking.

For every time I pray, Lord, come rescue us from this wretched cursed world, I always have to add, “but not before/until/unless this or that loved one is for sure saved”.

Lord, make me the praying Mom they need me to be. Fill me with Holy Spirit boldness to reach the lost people around me, eyes to see them, a heart that cares, discernment and wisdom to spur fellow believers to look around and face the lateness of the hour and the strides already made toward the rising beast system. I know plenty, but articulating it, remembering details and facts or making a convincing argument, those are not my strong suit. On the one hand, I desire to persuade, but just like giving the gospel, I suppose You truly only require us to tell and to warn. We have no part in their decision whether to hear or to heed. The urgency is definitely rising! Lord, lead us to the ones who want to know! Believers who want to understand, and lost who want the hope we have to offer.




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