The good, the bad, and the beautiful

So America is not nearly as lawless as the blaring headlines would have us believe!? –STL
USA has 3rd highest murder rate in the world, unless you subtract the five biggest Democrat-run metropolitan cities, and then we’re 189th out of 193.


Cern’s Tower of Babel

Is the real goal of CERN, an “elevator” to heaven?

Speculation concerning Cern’s Hadron Collider – a state of the art particle accelerator that discovered the Higgs Boson or “God particle”, is that it will destroy what we know as time and space altogether. 


On a positive note……

Judge Halts Discharge of Unvaccinated Marines

I can’t understand how some servicemen are being pressured while others aren’t. My son and his wife have not been pressured at all. Are military bases like cities, where the rules can differ according to the leadership?

Another win….

U.S. Dept of Agriculture has backed down  from mandating all schools receiving federal nutrition funding to adhere to “inclusivity standards”

and this heart-warming news item:

Toddler finds missing elderly woman

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