“Love grown cold” doesn’t cover it

I can hardly fathom how many news stories I encounter every single day about parents killing their kids, bodies found in vehicles and storage units bought at auction, lives snuffed out without a thought, and the brutal ways spouses are killing each other. It’s enough to make a person want to crawl under a rock. If I did not have faith in the scriptural promises, I couldn’t take this world. By faith, I have joy in spite of the darkness. It is comforting to know God is keeping track, and no evil escapes His notice, nobody “gets by with” their sin. He will address it and judgment will fall. Only those whose sins are placed under the shed blood of Jesus, will escape due punishment under God’s rightful wrath, and that is only because Jesus paid the penalty already for the sins of those who admit they have defied God’s law, and placed their faith in Him alone for salvation.

Thank You, Jesus! May Your name be glorified in all the Earth! Some day soon, King Jesus will make things right!

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