Brace yourself, there’s a new “cause” du jour on college campus

Are you ready for this? Brought to you by the pride of American higher education, allow me to introduce you to the newest cause, and addition to the list of “things one must be offended by”:



Definition: An ethical position that grants disparate rights, and attaches varying degrees of worth to beings on the basis of the species of which they are a member.

(As in animals vs humans!)

Deny God ✔

Believe evolution✔

Designate man as just another animal✔

Now they want us all to afford animals equal “respect and  consideration” under the law.

Yale started a new program three years ago called the Law, Ethics & Animals Program (LEAP). According to, Doug Kysar (law professor at the Ivy League) school, asserted that

“society is in the midst of an important time for animals, due to factors such as revelations in animal intelligence that allegedly ‘overturn past beliefs about human exceptionalism’”.

This falls under the scriptural heading of “depraved minds”. It’s the proverbial slippery slope. Where is this headed?  Well, here’s a clue:

NY univ. promotes paper comparing cow insemination to ‘rape,’ milking cows to ‘sexual abuse’

The article calls on society to think about the sexual exploitation of cows driven by the dairy industry. The article appeared in a journal produced by the women’s and gender studies department.  That’s what you get with a “Gender studies” degree.

Peter Singer, a Bioethics Professor at Princeton, wrote a book in 1975 on what he refered to as “Animal Liberation”. He  popularized the term “speciesism”. (But he didn’t take it to this wacky extreme).


The modrn campus version of this movement is called “Students Opposing Speciesism” (SOS) and they are calling for an end to the idea that one species (mankind) is more important than any other.

Screengrabs from

From Instagram:

One SOS organizer placed

Additional screenshot:

These kids don’t understand that they are created in the image of God.

Play nice!

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