Heaven on my mind

Wow! The news lately! It is starting to feel like the low roar of an assembled audiance in the moments before the house lights are turned off and the curtain rises. That hum is condusive to drowsiness, but the crackle of anticipation is there too.

Been thinking an awful lot about heaven lately. That’s one thing about sickness and matters of life and death. We all encounter them, throughout life. Our thoughts can’t avoid them forever.

I wonder what is happening up there now. Wonder what my Dad has been up to for the past ten years, and my Grandma for 30. They don’t even have “years” there. What is it like outside of time?

What did God do before He created everything?

I’m reading and hearing a lot about the coming “red wave”. I voted early since I’m headed back out of state Saturday, but it did not hold the same meaningfulness that voting usually does for me. I can’t quite imagine it making much difference.

Clearly it does not matter which “party” has control. A flip may or may not buy any semblence of a reprieve this time around. I am almost more concerned about a seeming return to “law and order and reason” resulting in a return to complacency, than I am about any further tightening of the screws of tyranny. At least under oppression, there’s greater liklihood of revival. At least right now, people are waking up a little.

There’s so much chatter about troop and equipment movements, stuff at Gitmo, and false flags. I don’t expect that there is anything that can happen that will surprise us, because we know whatever November brings, things are just gonna keep getting crazier. If it changes at all, the systematic implementation of the new order will just go “underground”.

I remember a scene in the movie Titanic, in which an Irish mum is tucking her children into bed with a bed time story, hoping they will be asleep before the ship fills with water and they drown.  I can see the appeal of accepting the inevitable, but Christians have been given hope that the lost need and are running out of time to receive.

I pray for holy boldness. I pray for yieldedness to the Spirit, that I will not grieve Him, and be set aside, but that rather, I can be used of Him as He seeks to save someone, or many someones. I pray that those who are silent when they should speak, will be convicted. I pray that those ensnared by Satan by the enticements of this world, will be set free, and the scales removed from their eys. I pray against the stupor and slumber. I pray the blood of the martyrs and the slaughtered babies and the soldiers who fought righteously would cry out and God would hear and that He will judge and set it all to right. The world has defied God, but that is not why His wrath is about to fall. Jesus tasted death for every man, so that no man had to. But this world hates Jesus. They don’t want that precious gift of Grace, because accepting it means God is God, and they are not. They hate God. Jesus died for me. He is my Lord. I pray to be counted worthy to escape all these horrors that are coming upon the Earth, but I pray to be found faithful no matter what comes. To live is Christ, to die is gain. I pray He would use me. We live in a generation that has forgotten so much about God. Even the lost of previous generations knew more about the Bible and right and wrong. Even unbelievers had respect for the faith of those that believed.

I’m glad there’s one true God, and I am grateful to have received the salvation He availed to all who will believe and receive it.

I’m comforted to know He sovereign over the crackpots “running the show” down here, and infinitely more powerful than their deluded father Lucifer. Amen? Amen!



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