World population breaks 8 Billion

Eight. The number of new beginnings, New age, Gaiea (“Mother Earth”), New World Order- from Satan’s standpoint. From God’s, however, there is some business to attend to involving judgment. For the Jews, 8 is the number of circumcision, and the time of Jacobs trouble will circumcise the hearts of a remnant of the Jews. In scripture 8 is associated with regeneration.

I look around, and can see how it could all crash at once — while they are saying “peace and security”–and sudden destruction will befall the entire globe. As the world implodes, we are snatched from the midst of it. From the chaos, will arise the long planned “new order” when everyone is scared, shaken by loss and everything they ever found security and peace in before, has been crushed.

The world powers will reorganize into 10 blocks of nations. And a singular charismatic leader will rise to the top with solutions that people will readily embrace for hope of a return to stability. Most of the globe will accept whatever this leader dictates. He will perform supernatural feats. They will worship him as savior.

The global population will not be 8 Billion after the rapture. All children under the age of accountability will disappear, and unborn babies, and even older individuals who never achieved intellectual age and are with capacity to discern, I believe also will fall in that category. But consider the deaths. Crashes of all modes of transportation. Industrial accidents. Christian fireman disappear, and those in burning buildings don’t get rescued. Surgeons disappear and patients bleed out. Paramedics providing life support, gone. Nurses, gone. Policemen, soldiers, Anyone who deals in life and death. Mortuaries overwhelmed.  Survivors will be in a state of shock for a very long time. They will pounce on any plan that offers releif!

When I was in college, I got extreme test anxiety at exam time. By the time I was in nursing school I had realized that when the hour of the exam has arrived, there is nothing more to be done but read and answer questions as best I can, so I went from being the basket case to being so chill on exam day my classmates were envious.

There has been a similar transition as a “watchman”. There were times I got anxious and overwhelmed in watching. Now it feels like the hour has come and that perspective is accompanied by a degree of peace that wasn’t there earlier on.




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