Predictive Policing will mesh right into the Great Reset and plan for total control over the people

This is how it works. A little overstepping here, a little curtailing of freedom there, a test in one state, roll it back, test it elsewhere, roll it back, until it lands somewhere it gains some traction, then keep it going as long as people tolerate it, gradually acclimating the citizenry.

According to a Tampa Bay Times report, police in Pasco County implemented a “pre-crime” predictive policing approach in 2011. One former deputy told the Times the program was less about crime prevention and more about making “lives miserable until they move or sue.”

The initiative entails the placing of students on secret lists, and the monitoring, intimidation and harassment of their entire families. Pasco is not the only force to implement this, but whereas other areas eventually discontinued the program after citizen pushback, Pasco doubled down. The program is still in use there, despite lawsuits.

The predictive policing program places hundreds of students on a secret list, identifying those they believe are most likely to commit future crimes. Children are put on the list without any notice to parents and guardians, and once on, become subjects of persistent and intrusive monitoring.(Source)

Here is a more recent news update from Oct, 2022

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