Fukushima, the Abomination of Desolation and the 1290-day Prophecy

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Before and even right after Jesus died and rose again, the disciples didn’t understand that they were in a transitional time when knowledge would increase and God was revealing things they had previously had not understood. He would correct their ecpectations. We are again in a transitional period as God prepares to pivot back to the Jewish nation. I think it is a good idea to keep an open mind about our own understanding as God told Daniel there would be things we will understand in our day that previously were not able to be understood. The speaker in this video is evidently pre-trib (*listen at 26:50 mark).  In this presentation he is describing a period he sees just before the tribulation. One of those instances when there is more than one fulfillment of a passage. An instance of “type” and “shadow”. He suggests that the relatively brief persecation of the early church is a type, and the end time church will also face a brief period of tribulation- just-before-the Tribulation, and that a latter rain will fall upon those who are watching for the rapture, and who wait for this latter rain, will receive it as a preparation for this period of persecution by the spirit of the antichrist. The speaker humbly states in the end, ” I may be wrong, but I believe this is what the Lord is showing me after much prayer and study”. To me this resolves the conflict between those who say the Olivet Discourse is only about those in the tribulation, and those who say it’s only about the church. There are passages that address both and have to be carefully and prayerfully studied and disected. I hope people will consider this, carve out an hour of quiet to listen, maybe jot some notes and ask the Holy Spirit whether there’s anything to it. I think there’s something to this. March of 2011 is the very time God led me to start this ministry. I remember that disaster utterly confirmed to me the world had entered a new phase. 1 Peter 4:17 does tell us judgment begins at the house of God. None of us has the whole puzzle assembled yet, so it is wise not to dismiss pieces or label certain conclusions as 100% wrong, because it requires the whole last days remnant to work together and we all see through a glass darkly. We all started from the same scriptures, and like the Jews we have added a n.v d taken away and muddied, but God can and will clear up the details for all who desire to know what The Author meant, as opposed to what we or some teacher have concluded –STL

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