Some big things are coming in the world Spring of 2023

There’s a lot of stuff expected to happen “in Spring 2023”. Looks like pretty significant (additional) stage-setting for the beast system to me!!! –STL

  • The U.S. will run out of strategic oil reserves. (Takedown of America)
  • The Abrahamic Family Faith House opens (Global Religion)
  • Elon Musk’s Neurolink will roll out (Transhumanism)
  • Beta launch of US Central Bank Digital Currency (Global economy)
  • Digital Markets Act goes into effect in the EU ( Revived Roman empire)
  • Prince Charles gets crowned as “defender of the faith”, including the faith of Islam. (Ten kings? Global religion?)
  • Release of the Fukushima disaster radiation-contaminated ground water
  •  First draft of the pandemic accord to be ready for negotiations by Member States

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