Haven’t done one of these in a while…

The pattern and tenor of this blog has always ebbed and flowed as God leads. Some seasons busier than others. For a while, I beat myself up over what felt like inconsistency on my part, but I realize that it’s just the Lord working around legitimate challenges, and one thing I  definately don’t want, is to get on here and post for the sake of posting, just to keep up a record or something.

The other day I posted 2 videos by youtuber “God’s Roadmap to the End Times”. One about Fukushima and one about a celestial countdown and Purim.

I won’t call this a disclaimer, per se, because there was a witness of the Holy Spirit to me that there was some important truth in those videos, some piece of the puzzle that needs to be passed on down (or up) the remnant watchman pipeline. But posting of other believer’s work here never should be construed as blanket endorsement of any and all that person holds to. The youtuber is clearly a serious student of the whole counsel of the word, and that is good enough for me.

I knew I would rewatch those videos several times, abd I have done so with the Fukushima one, and in fact wrote a transcript for myself as well as downloaded it. I haven’t had time to rewatch the countdown one yet, but it’s on my to do list.

I have watched a few more of his videos, and see that he is coming from what has been labeled “the partial rapture” position.

Now hold on a minute, don’t groan and write him off.

Hear me out, please. God has gifted each of us with different capacities. In the past, I have sometimes featured someone, then later had to come back and inform ya’ll that I no longer can recommend them. Many times it was NOT because I had concluded they were apostate, but simply because they did get into something I had neither time, nor mental disk space to vet and study out, so out of an abundance of caution, I had to disengage and withdraw endorsement, but I was even too overloaded at those times, to fully articulate that’s what I was doing. It’s a matter of never giving a possible drowning victim the opportunity to get his arm around your neck. If you can’t pull them to safety, at least don’t risk going down with them, and that’s what will happen. Sometines true believers let zeal outpace our knowledge. Real believers can and do get deceived and turn around and teach and disseminate the deceptions. Not on purpose, but damage done anyway! I don’t want to ever facilitate that.

I am less a teacher and more a redistribiter of the wisdom of those who are called, ordained, and well studied.

I will use parts of what I have already written in an email to a dear sister this morning to express the rest of what I want to say here.

I have always been of the conviction that the various “takes” we all have on facets of scripture are simply NOT as mutually exclusive as they often seem. Over decades and centuries, many Christianese terms have been adopted, for which there are not standard definitions. We often make broad brush statements that start something like…”dispensationalists believe….” and finish with a broad brush claim of things perhaps 2%, if any dispensationalists hold to. I think it was Brother Barry Scarborough, or maybe Brother Pete Garcia (?) the other day who pointed out that God seems to be tightening the ranks of the true watchmen, and those who were in it to fight and argue are being shaken off. Watchmen and women are connecting and we have seen God create a wonderful community that as it continues to shrink, becomes more intimate and persinally acquainted. Many have yet to connect, but we look forward to a family “reunion” with family we haven’t even met yet.

God, as an amazing Author, is certainly able to craft portions of text that contain layers and facets. We know types, shadows, partial fulfillments and fuller fulfillments are all over scripture. The youtuber “Gods Roadmap”, like myself and others, come to this wacky thing called the internet, and we cast bread upon the waters. He humbly and repeatedly states he could be wrong. Some, like me, might just toss in crumbs. Some are lobbing in big honking loaves, lol. How else can the whole body assemble a big ole jigsaw puzzle if we refuse to work together, share, and really listen to other sincere students of the Word? 

Only by describing each section of the proverbial elephant, can we all work together to realize the ” corpus” we blindfolded (seeing through a glass darkly) ones are feeling and trying to describe the part we are exploring, ever figure out that the wholething put together? The  “elephant” is not all shaped like a treestump (leg), or a wall (flank), or a rope (tail). Only by comparing notes, as many run to and fro (through the Bible) comparing scripture to scripture, will knowledge increase to unlock what God told Daniel to seal up til the time of the end. Our time!

That’s why John Haller, who refuses to take a “rapture position” (but hopes we pre-tribbers are right) is actually just being a good example. He has often said he’d like to get holders of all the positions in a room and believes together, we could figure it out. (Kinda like the Diet of Worms? The Nicene Council?)

Hey, I nominate John Haller to head up that committee. Can anybody second that? I jest, but I actually think that idea has merit. God may  be orchestrating something like that among the remnant leadership. I definitely see an end time leadership coalescing, don’t ya’ll?

Well, anyhoo, that’s my soap box for today, I guess.

By the way, if “Gods Roadmap” guy is right, though that would mean we may have another whole year (ish) left to wait, guys, what’s a year? Look how fast 22 went, as time itself seems to have sped up. The disciples thought they knew where things were headed, but they were headed for persecutiin instead. Timothy does say Judgment BEGINS at the house of the Lord. Ok, Literalists (I’m one), what might God have meant by such a cryptic statement, lol? Has not the church been purged over the past couple years. Has not Ichabod been written on some doors? Won’t persecution continue to mount heading into 23? Are we as close to the rapture as we wish? Or did we just now actually get inside the “season”. He said look up when the “beginning of sorrows” stuff begins to happen.

So if we sit here and whine, “but  Loooordaaa!! I’ve already been looking up so long I have a crick in my neeeckaaa!” (I’m Guilty! 😔)

Is it Daddy’s fault the kids didn’t pay attention well enough to His instructions?

“We’ll be there when we get there”. (Thus saith the Lord.) 😉


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