What Will Happen in 2023? My Thoughts…| Britt Gilette

There was a comment left on this video that is worth sharing here…

11 hours ago
Discovered a huge newsworthy story after getting together with my family this weekend.

My sister works in HR for an electric company. She had called a bank to get 59 “crisp” $100 bills for employees that had won in a healthy lifestyles promotion the company was doing. The bank person told my sister that:
A) They didn’t have “crisp” $100 bills because the Federal reserve is no longer printing them
B) They didn’t know if they had that much physical currency in their vault at the time and would have to get back to her. That’s $5,900 the bank didn’t have on hand. Let that sink in. (This is a large regional bank with multiple branches in multiple states.)

The significance of this news cannot be overstated. If the Federal Reserve is no longer printing cash (starting with the highest denomination), it is just a matter of time until the lower ones follow suit. If you don’t intend to keep using physical currency, why keep printing it? CBDCs will be implemented sooner than most people expect. 2023 is the introduction….but how long until compulsory?

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