If you want revival

If you want personal revival, study prophecy. Let the Lord give you a glimpse into the suffering those left behind will endure, and if that doesn’t motivate you to tell people how to be saved, check your spiritual pulse!

If you are a preacher and you want revival in your church, teach and preach prophecy, and tie it to what is going on all around us in this world in 2023. Maybe you have been sticking a toe in the prophecy pool, approaching things gradually so as not to spook folks. I’m here to tell you, you need not worry. Dive in! Head first!  Your congregants will thank you, and and those who leave because of it are dead weight anyway. While preachers are hesitant to “go there”, the remnant are desperately seeking preachers with the spiritual fortitude to do so. They yearn for preaching and teaching that address this singular time in the history of mankind. The handful of pastors who are preaching on these things will tell you, their youtube channels have blown up with followers, youtube has suppressed them, they’ve had to go to alternate platforms and develop their own apps to minister to churched folks who can’t get this in their own churches!

People are starving for it. They want answers and they need hope. It is a much later hour than many realize.

Evil is rising. During the tribulation, fallen ones are going to freely walk among humanity. But even now, the number of true, Bible-knowing, gospel-giving, praying, walking-the-walk Believers having occult encounters, is unprecidented. Because those who are awake, are working as hard as they can for the Kingdom while there is still daylight and the enemy wants to stop them by intimidation!

The economy is absolutely on the verge of a depression that will make the Great Depression look like child’s play. When the rapture takes place, all of the “thermoplastic charges” that have been rigged up in preparation for the destruction of the old order, will be detonated, and “sudden destruction will fall upon them (the lost world) like labor pains on a woman in travail”. It is all in place. I believe the rapture will be the catalyst. The vaccines gave a jump start to depopulation, and have wrecked the immune systems of the populace so the next (planned) pandemic will be all too real!

More lockdowns. A switch to digital currency, restrictions on travel and movement even within one’s own hometown. Food scarcity. These things are headed our way. And most are uninformed because so much is being suppressed.

The rapture is a hardly a breath away. The tribulation is coming. And most in the church don’t know. Those who want to know, can’t find a preacher that will tell them. So those outside the church have little hope of finding out in time to avoid being left behind. I warn saved and lost alike. God doesn’t need us to get the Word and gospel out, He graciously invites us to do so and thereby be partakers in the reward of contributing to the harvest. There’s little time left for laying up treasures in heaven. Maybe the reason the laborors are few, is because the shepherds are not equipping them properly with the over 30% of the Bible that deals with prophecy?





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