The earthquakes

I haven’t posted anything on the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey, but the death toll is over 30k at this point combined, and the devastation is gut-wrenching. Amir Tsarfati’s Telegram channel has a lot of photos and clips of rescues, even babies born under the rubble.

I have been working many, many hours on online selling in order to pay for my Mom’s care aid hours, it’s not possible to keep up with everything, but it seems like yet another shift has occured, a new acceleration in convergence of signs. The Earth is reeling, and it is very somber.

Stay encouraged, keep your eyes on Jesus. Our redemption is ever nearer, but please pray for the ones dealing with devastation in Turkey and Syria, and those from around the world who have gone there to render aid.

Add that to prayers for those who are fighting in the Russia Ukraine war. The powers that be don’t care about the humans dying, but God does.

This is just a small taste of what is coming during the tribulation. I pray that souls will be saved. I think some day soon the world will again look upon the U.S. in the aftermath of some coming devastation, in shock and mourning. The foundations have been decimated and the world sees and smells the weakness and decay. But God is particular in His timing. He has sustained America probably mostly for the sake of faith and sacrifices of the past, and prayers of a believing remnant. His forbearance won’t last forever.


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