Grace Community Church Rejected Elder’s Calls to ‘Do Justice’ in Abuse Case

Well, I gave MacArthur the benefit of a doubt on saying people who took the mark of the beast can still get saved and go to heaven, because someone I trust told me he later retracted the statement and I know the internet is forever, so there’s only so much he could have done to rectify that or set the record straight. Then I semi-defended him when he said that people had made a sort of fetish of “the blood” which I took him to mean semantically, in a similar way that people can tend to credit everything bad that happens to the devil (as opposed to sin nature), but this one, well, strike 3, that does it for me! He kept church open during Covid and faced potential litigation, he is a Presbyterian ( correction, MacArthur is non-denominational)who rightly doesn’t embrace replacement theology, for those and other reasons, I really hoped he was one of the good ones, Lord knows they are falling like dominoes, but having experienced abuse, this one I cannot justify no matter how it’s sliced, and I want to say that publicly since I have posted him on this blog at times over the years. This is heartbreaking and makes me also now wonder about the financial allegations of how he has profited off his church. Love of money could motivate a pastor to want to avoid a major scandal. I pray God reveal the truth and either fully expose or fully exonerate him.  –STL

Grace Community Church Rejected Elder’s Calls to ‘Do Justice’ in Abuse Case

While a former leader hopes for change, women who sought refuge in biblical counseling at John MacArthur’s church say they feared discipline for seeking safety from their abusive marriages.

Source: Grace Community Church Rejected Elder’s Calls to ‘Do Justice’ in Abuse Case

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