It appears we have about survived another winter here in VA!

This is how I know! No grass, but we have daffodils!

It’s been a very busy week with my selling on Mercari. One thing about Mercari is there is no rhyme or reason or consistency to performance. I can work extremely hard and list multiple itens and they only get 3 views in a week. Other times I have sold multiple items in quick succession. The messaging lags, and sometimes really bizarre things happen like when a customer made an offer on a bracelet, and Mercari gave me the option to “counter” or “buy now”. Um. It was asking me to buy my own bracelet!!! I don’t know what kind of wormhole situation I got into there, but that is kind of the norm for me and tech. I had been working on my “about” page at about 10am yesterday, and went to hit “save”, and got a message saying ” we are having difficulties, please be patient as we work to fix the problem as quickly as possible”. If anybody could break a whole website, it’d be me, lol.

But, God us meeting the need and I have been able to pay for my portion of having Mom’s aid. Speaking of zmom, she seems to have rediscovered her willpower. She has started using her peddler again to try and get her strength back and to be able to get moving on her walker! She said “I’m tired of laying in this bed”. I won’t be surprised if she does improve her strength and get to walking again. She has always been extremely determined. She just really never grasped, going into that surgery, that she could possibly come out of it with more challenges than she had going into it. It can easily take a year for someone to recover from major surgery. She medically meets the criteria for hospice, but I wouldn’t bet against her!She literally never gave up on anything in her entire life!

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