In The Last Days Perilous Time Shall Come with Rick Renner

**I had to come back to this post and add a disclaimer. Because of his expertise in Greek, this was an interesting teaching, and I gleaned some understanding from it. However, I went on to start watching another video of this pastor, and in that one he brought attention to, and gave a warm welcome, special guests present in the audiance. The guests were Kenneth and Gloria Copeland! I personally believe Copeland is not saved, and likely Demon-possessed. I share messages if I get something out of them, but it is never a blanket endorsement of the speaker, and I DEFINITELY do not adhere to the “hyper faith” or word-faith teachings of Copeland (and apparently of Renner as well, on further research)
However, I still think the message in the video below is worth watching.
2 Timothy 3, a breakdown of the language describing perilous times.

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