Updates from Amir Tsarfati

Here’s a little chronological order of the events:

1. Before midnight, several hundred Muslims closed themselves in the prayer complex in Al-Aqsa.

2. Towards midnight, the police began the process of evacuating the worshipers from Al-Aqsa.

3. Towards 01:00AM, videos began to emerge of policemen hitting worshipers with batons, after the compound was darkened.

4. Following this, calls for processions throughout the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Arab cities in Israel for the “Victory of Al-Aqsa”.

5. First barrage of rockets from Gaza towards the Jewish areas nearby at 03:10AM.
Another barrage to wrap up at 03:30AAM.

6. Towards 06:20AM, the IDF attacks in the Gaza Strip in response to the rocket fire the Badr outpost in western Gaza and another Hamas outpost, Benzirat, in the center of the Gaza Strip.

7. Again barrages from the Gaza Strip shortly before 07:00AM (during the IDF attack on the Gaza Strip). Anti-aircraft missiles were also launched at the Air Force planes.

8. At 07:10AM the IDF attacks from the air in another wave targets in the west of Gaza City as well as in the south of the Gaza Strip.

9. Around 07:30AM, an attack on a number of Hamas observation towers in the south of the Gaza Strip by firing shells.

10. The entrance of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount this morning is proceeding as planned.

(Abu Ali)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

Israel works to maintain the status quo and calm the spirits on the Temple Mount.

Muslim worshipers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque testify that the Muslim extremists who barricaded themselves in the mosque imprisoned them there and prevented other Muslims from coming to the mosque to pray.

They barricaded themselves in the mosque with weapons, stones and fireworks.

After the authorities’ attempts to negotiate failed and the extremists refused to allow Muslim worshipers to enter the mosque, and even threatened to hold the noon prayers today, the security forces had to act to restore order.

Israel is committed to maintaining freedom of worship, free access to all religions and the status quo on the Temple Mount, and will not allow violent extremists to change this.

BASICALLY HEZBOLLAH JUST STARTED A WAR! Massive barrages that haven’t been seen since the last Lebanon war in 2006!!

Israel’s chief of staff and the top brass of the IDF including the head of the internal secret service are meeting right now.

Play nice!

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