Cast thy burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you

It’s here. That point in Mom’s progression through hospice care when it gets really real and the dread of the inevitable sits heavy on my gut. If there’s one thing life with Jesus has taught me, though, it’s that you just walk on, and at the point you can’t keep going, He takes it all on Himself until you eventually come out on the other side of it and it’s over.

We had a blessed Easter weekend with our son and his family here, who came to church with us on Resurrection Day, and a nice family meal at home afterward.

I hope all of you are persevering in your faith and in supernatural peace as we watch God’s time clock counting down the hours, minutes and seconds to the end of this age and the soon coming time of tribulation, and then the most triumphant moment in Earth’s history, when Jesus will take to His throne and set everything right.

I know that when Mom takes her final breath, she will be released from the bondage of sin’s curse, of pain and of brokenness, and although I remain captive in the flesh to that enemy for now, to keep walking through this last days valley, it won’t be much longer. I thought that 12 years ago when Dad died. If someone had told me back then that there was yet over a decade more to go, I would have despaired. I’m glad we don’t know. It would be torture. The same goes now. We don’t know how long we have still to wait, but the past 12 years passed in a blink. God is faithful and those were 12 good years despite it all.

Just keep walking. He’s beside you. When our strength fails, He carries us. Don’t project ahead. Don’t look back at what’s already lost. Don’t look down, keep climbing the hill you’re on, or slogging through the swamp you’re in. Just keep going. We’re almost there. Be faithful in whatever He has given you to do. Sometimes we have no idea how to commence. That’s ok. Just show up, report for duty, and He’ll let you know what you need to know when you need to know it.

Play nice!

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