When Worry Comes A-knockin!

Ole Worry is the devil himself come to call.  You can’t hardly stop him showing up from time to time, but for heaven’s sake don’t open the door and let him in.  There are a few things you can do to prepare for him though. 1)  Keep Jesus handy and let Him answer the door.  2) Stay nourished in the manna of the Word to keep your strength up. 3) Keep your armor on.

The Belt of Truth is what holds together the whole suit of armor.  The gridle was worn by Roman soldiers as a place on which to hang their sword, anchor the breastplate, and keep the tunic gathered up, so it wouldn’t trip them up, or give their enemy something to grab onto.  Practicing Immutable absolute truth as found in God’s word secures for us the promisis of the Word and keeps us under His protection.  Flirting with compromise is like locking the windows and leaving the door wide open.

The Breastplate of Righteousness means living righteously before God, it is the chief protection against Satan and his schemes and standing behind it protects the heart.

The Roman Shield was huge.  Two or more feet wide and 4 feet high and made of wood.  He could duck behind it and be fully covered.  Unity promotes safety. Standing together side by side the soldiers could form a solid wall against the enemy, and soaked in water, these shields were impervious to the flaming arrows that struck them.  Faith is our shield.   How do we withstand trials and temptations?  By having faith in knowing that when we ask Him to strengthen  us for the battle we have the absolute right to expect that He will do so because He promised.

The Shoes of Peace help us “stand” against enemy attack.  Roman soldier’s sandals had a spike protruding from the bottom for traction, and the soles were heavy leather to protect from the sharp sticks and rocks that were purposely planted to impede and injure them.  When we represent Christ to a lost world, we are ambassadors of peace and reconciliation between God and the lost.  The Gospel is our peace.  No matter what you are facing it sure beats hell itself, which is where we deserve to be.

The Helmet of Salvation is the mind which is controlled by God.  Be ye sober.  A drunk’s walk, thoughts, and speech are influenced by the drink.  A born-again believer is under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and it is the Holy Spirit who ought to influence our thoughts, walk and speech.  If we are thinking Godly thoughts in a Godly way, it willl be very hard for Satan to deceive us or steal our joy and security.  Most battles are lost or won in the arena of the mind before they ever play out “in the field”.

Sword of the Spirit: the Word is alive!!!  It is two-edged, both defensive and offensive as a weapon. To tear down strongholds, and to fend off attacks.  The Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God.  Memorized scripture is brought to rememberance by the Spirit in the time of need.  Store up your ammunition.  Repeated reading can cement principles and promises even if you have to use a concordance to locate the passage in the Word later. (Quote scripture at the devil, trust me, he knows the Bible better than we do.)  Keep in mind that even if your memory is not great (a little “holey”) and  pouring the Word in there is a little like  pouring it through a sieve, why a dirty sieve will at least get a wee bit cleaner each time the water (Word) passes through.   Call upon the Lord with prayer and petition in thankfulness at all times and in all circumstances.  And in the end, having done all, you will still be standing, He has PROMISED!