Broken and Shattered for Him

God takes the broken pieces of our lives an makes beautiful mosaics out of them.

A mirror doesn’t cease to be a mirror, or lose it’s mirror qualities after it becomes fragmented, it merely reflects the image multiplied.





Something that is truly precious and sacred to us, remains precious and sacred even when broken.

I dreamt I came to a grand illuminated house one night where a friend was staying.  I had come to search for and retrieve something of mine that was stored there when we’d travelled together.  I found it, but I discovered the precious, fragile heirloom bell had been crushed.  Yet it lay among all her own fragile ornaments, which were carefully still intact.   I was wounded in realizing she had been knowingly careless with mine, while preserving her own.

As I was drawing back from my discovery, I turned to encounter her, running to greet me with arms open as if to embrace me.  Her face was radiant with the same warm glow as that spilling from the windows of the lively home behind her.

Stepping back, I said “I only came for my broken bell” and turned to go, taking my still-sacred treasure with me, leaving her a sad, shadowy silhouette against the warm, yellow light of the beautiful house behind her.

A mirror, when directed toward someone, can only reflect what is there, and only what is true.

A mirror oriented toward God will reflect Him to others.

People can and do often cause us pain and disappointment.  Do not look for answers there.

Look only to Jesus. Your life is sacred and you are precious to Him.  Reflect Him.  Once broken, you will only reflect Him more.

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  2. Thanks Sis Caddo. I’ve been bragging on your stuff to my hubby all week. 🙂
    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I’m just getting started. Today is my 2 week anniversary. But I’m having a blast!


  3. Oh WOW, this is wonderful!! I think I like it even more than my haiku today…thank you for sharing the link for my benefit and other readers! It’s really wonderful to meet you–I’ll add you to my blogroll before I forget! God bless you abundantly today, and always. love, Sis Caddo


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