A thing or two about me.

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A Thing or Two About Me

Sandee Lloyd

I like things and people that are honest and real.  I like to read books that leave me feeling like I just had a visit with an old friend.  I am prone to crack up laughing out loud at something I read that’s funny, even if I’m sitting in the library.  I like to pull out the china once in a while and set a nice table just for my own family.  I will buy old discarded photos of people I don’t even know, just because looking at them resonates with something in me.  I like to read Reminisce Magazine.  I can keep something “sentimental” for 15 years and just throw it away one day because I’m suddenly done with it.  I don’t mind seeing a movie or sitting in a restaurant alone one bit.  I like my own company most days, but there are days I could use a break from it.   I like solitude 51 percent and togetherness 49.  I say what needs to be said, whether or not the hearer wants to hear it.   I believe you can’t go wrong as long as you stick to the truth.   Whoever goes away because I told the truth, probably just did me a favor.  I believe if you have a place for everything, and keep everything in its’ place, you’ll always know where to find it.  I believe if you don’t take care of what you have, you have no business asking God for more.  I believe in taking stock.  I love the smell of rain.  I think the sound of a distant train whistle is melancholy, but I love it.  I don’t think God is above a good belly laugh, even in the middle of prayer.  I think the wrinkles on the face of an old person are beautiful and silver hair is the prettiest kind.  I like cats, dogs, and other people’s children on a case-by-case basis only.  Nature is pretty to look at, but sleeping on the ground is for the birds.   I think I may be one of the most random people God ever made.  Planning really does interfere with my process.  It is much easier to get forgiveness than permission.  If I were you, who would be me?  I think when a Christian dies, it is like when you were a kid and you fell asleep on the couch, but woke up in your bed because someone carried you there.  What was God thinking when he put a light on the butt of a bug?

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2 thoughts on “A thing or two about me.

  1. I was reading your article above, and it sounds a lot like me in some ways. You have a lot of interesting topics on your blog to read and look at. I’m enjoying every minute of it. Thank again. May God Bless.


    • This blog is a hodgepodge, that’s for sure. God is always working in the believer and in all circumstances, and the same is true in my life and in this blog. As I wrote my “Purple Morning Glories and Gold Lady Bugs” God was doing a healing and restoration in me, and I had a call yesterday from a brother in the Lord who gave me a word of encouragement that really blessed me and inspired me. Many times when I feel led to do or say or write something, and I find my flesh resisting (and a separate voice in my head going; “are you crazy, you can’t do/say/write that!!”) then I know it is the Lord leading and my flesh resisting. I have learned over the years to just obey, and ignore the dissenting voice, because every time that I do obey, I see God do the coolest things, and it is rarely what I expect, so it is always a surprise and a delight. Thanks for following! God bless you.


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