Walk On

Underneath the overshadowing of my greatest fears

You walk with me while I struggle to see through the blur of my tears

You hold my hand and help me to walk on

When I knew I had nothing more to give, You made me put one foot in front of the other, promising you would take care of the rest, if I’d only do that.

“Just hold my hand, my child.  Never let go”, You said.  “That’s all I ask of you.  I will see to the rest”.

Somewhere out there tonight, while I am resting peacefully, there is a light on in a house in these wee hours.  A man is suffering, and holding Your hand in his own private darkness, while his wife lovingly does what she promised to do, on their wedding day.

And they walk on.

And somewhere tonight, in a poor neighborhood a woman falls into bed, exhausted, heartbroken as her husband slips away, leaving her in her grief, to hold it all together while no one seems to share her burdens.

You ask her to walk on.

“But we can’t, Lord”, we cry.

“Why should we?”, we ask.

“Because I have a plan”, You answer.

“But I just don’t see how all things work together for good!”

“My child, nothing touches you without my permission.  I will not call upon you to endure anything that I will not also provide a way for you to bear it.  Do not concern yourself with the details.  Some things you do not need to know.  Do you trust Me?”

“Yes, Lord, but it is so hard”.

“I know””, the Savior said, as a great drop of blood fell from His brow and mingled with the tears He cried for me………………..

“But walk on”

Copyright STLloyd 10.27.95

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