My thoughts today

I have so much on my mind today.  First off, if you watched the Stansberry presentation that I linked yesterday, that one has been running through my mind all night.  As I said, I have never listened to one of his spiels because any video presentation that doesn’t allow you to see the length of the presentation before you start watching it, has something up it’s sleeve to begin with.  Then, when you try to get off the page, it harasses you with big ***Warning*** messages that second-guess your decision as if it is life and death.  BUT, out of curiosity I did watch about 20 minutes of that one yesterday before going ahead and posting it for you guys.  (Today I may listen to it again and see how it ended, lol. I know it’s a sales pitch but just like those folks that go listen to the pitch for a condo  on the beach to get the free steak dinner, I am interested in what Stansberry was talking about.  I’m not proud, I get my info where I can :-).

Anyone who postulates that Obama will turn the presidency into a dictatorship, has my attention, since that has been my expectation all along.  Stansberry predicts the way Obama will do this, (excuse me for slipping back into the vernacular) by “getting up off all that oil and natural gas” we have in the U.S.  My husband and I (and maybe you, too) have always wondered why America was so bound and determined to use foreign oil when we have so much here, and the logical answer is that the PTB have a specific plan for that “set-aside” abundant supply.  Makes perfect sense.  So Obama taps into that, America experiences an “oil boom” but only the ultra-rich and the uber-powerful government profit from it.  Obama uses it to implement all the other social programs and grows government even more.  Hmmm.  How would that play into what we know about the end times developments?

Well, don’t look at me! I’m asking you guys!  LOL,

But no, seriously, we know America is not seen in Scriptural Prophecy, and I have been assuming it will be due to collapse, but what if America grows and gobbles up Canada and Mexico to form one of the ten final powers in that next phase before the antichrist takes power?

And how’s that Obama-is-the-antichrist theory looking now?  I truly can’t rule him out, no matter what the experts say.

As some of you know, I like to play around with different possible scenarios, just to stretch my mind.

I am especially intrigued by the convergence of the various “rapture theories” because I have maintained as a general rule, the opinion that differences in conclusions on the matter of the timing of the rapture, like many differences in the church, are simply not as mutually exclusive as we assume they are.  I have used a couple of different “word pictures” to express this.  A group of blind kids encounter an elephant in the petting zoo, and have never been near one before.  One feels the leg and describes this animal as being like a tree trunk.  One feels the long snout and describes it like a snake.  One feels the ear and describes it like the mat on the floor.  They are all describing just the part of the elephant that was revealed to them.

Now, here is the other mind-blowing thought that has permeated my mind for 2 or 3 days ever since my Mom said something to me in regard to my Dad’s very recent home-going:  She said, “Just think, he has seen the face of Jesus! and what’s more, he is now in eternity, and eternity has no beginning and no end, so he has always been there!

Let that sit on your brain today and see what sprouts from it!

Now you see where I get my expansive mind, lol.  She’s a thinker, my Mom!  When we see Jesus we shall be like Him.  The Bible tells us we are “hidden in him” when we are saved, so as He is in eternity, so shall we be.  The whole mind-bending concept of no longer being “inside time” is awesome enough.  But if when we get there we will have always been there what are the implications of that?  This live never even happened?  See, the misconception that this life is “it” though certainly not a Biblical concept, still remains deeply entrenched in most Christians.  This life is so NOT IT!  This life is simply an incubation in the womb for those who are saved.  We are “born again” or conceived again, when we make Jesus Lord and Savior, but our life in Him hasn’t even gotten started yet.  I have had a very long time to think about this.

I think one reason many Christians don’t look forward to Heaven more, (other than the fact too many are way too in love with the world) is that they don’t ever spend anytime thinking about Heaven.  Whereas the day I got saved in 1973 as a 9 year old girl, the description of Heaven was what drew me in.  I understood the hell part, but even more than I didn’t want to go to Hell, I really really wanted to go to Heaven.  And that stuck with me.  I am quite sure my physical struggles and heartaches of life, (I’ve had my share and then some like many folks) only helped turn my longing more acutely toward my Heavenly Home.

Randy Alcorn wrote a book about Heaven.  I read it.  I enjoyed it.  The Bible warns us not to get carried away with “vain imaginations” and since the Bible doesn’t give a whole lot of detail about Heaven, folks like Alcorn who have a large platform, should be very careful about speculation, but I tend to also think that the Lord left out those details to make it even more enticing and cause us to be curious in anticipation.  I mean, imagine your spouse saying to you a month before your big anniversary: “Honey, you are just going to LO-OVE what I have planned for our 30th.” Well, you might ask for clues and he might good-naturedly tease you.  All part of the intrigue.   Well, isn’t that pretty much what God did here?;  But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. I Corinthians 2:9

I don’t know what that means, but whatever it is, I can’t WAIT to find out!  If you are reading this and want to know more about how to be saved, and look forward to a glorious future beyond this life, please look  HERE and HERE