You can “flashback” and you can “look ahead” but the biggest battle you will ever face is the present moment

Gun Confiscation and 2nd Amendment rights are the distraction-du-jour.

Oathkeepers not withstanding, do you really think that the majority of our military and police will stand down in this situation?  Some of the soldiers describe “feeling bad about what they were doing” but it didn’t deter them because soldiers are conditioned to follow orders.  There are good cops, but there are also plenty of bad ones who abuse their position.  God help us in this country.  What happened in New Orleans was like a canary in the coal mine.  It was a test to see whether the conditioning of the police, military, and citizens in this nation was thorough enough yet, to pull off this mass disarmament.  I have posted video previously in which soldiers did stand down under this order in New Orleans, but they were definitely the exception rather than the rule.  The last fellow in the above video knew enough to cooperate and avoid being brutalized, while also insisting on a receipt so that he could later retrieve his gun.  There was enough of an outcry, even in the media (eventually) about what happened in New Orleans, to tell the PTB that Americans had not been traumatized enough yet to be willing to give up their 2nd Amendment rights.  So they had to up the ante.  Grocery store shooting, Tech shooting, movie theatre shooting, and now virtual babies in an elementary school.  The collective psyche of America can only take so much trauma.  I am as sick of war and violence as the next person, but unfortunately a lot of people actually believe that giving up the guns will put an end to this stuff.

Some might read this and question, does she seriously believe there is a methodical conspiracy behind all of this? That someone in power would actually instigate a scenario in which children are killed in their elementary school?  Or possibly even more disturbing, the theory that the Newtowne travesty was staged, and no one died at all?

When I speak of the PTB (powers that be), I refer to people in power who operate under the inspiration of principalities and powers of darkness.  Satan himself.  No human organization, operating with all the best “intel” and most modern technology, is capable of such coordinated, universal sabotage and trauma-based conditioning of an entire nation.  There are those that would say, Hitler did that very thing, but he, too, did what he did under the inspiration/influence of devils.  Neither Satan nor his demons are omniscient, but they do have quite a massive network of spies, who hear things, read things, witness things, reporting back to their chief, and there is definitely orchestration taking place.  There are not just people who unwittingly are subject to the leading and influence of satan by default (by virtue of our fallen state) but people who have figured out the fact satan is a powerful being, capable of exchanging all sorts of perks and benefits for gauranteeing them fame, success, or power in the worldly realm.  They are knowingly capitalizing upon this soure of power, and have willingly “sold their soul” in servitude to satan for these things.

So when your everyday patriot (unsaved and spiritually blind) exposes numerous inconsistencies and omissions from the “official nearrative” and news coverage in these events, he isn’t aware of, nor is he factoring in the supernatural “angle”.   Sometimes you may see stories here on this blog which are written or videotaped from the perspective of the unbelieving Patriot.  They are posted with the understanding that this is, for the most part, a news blog written from the perspective of Scriptural understanding of end-times events.  As Christians we have the “lens of scripture” to view these things through, and that gives us a different perspective.

If we as Christians and students of the Bible and prophecy, zoom out away from the details, and look at the big picture, we can see the tide of pure evil is clearly rising.  We can see that just about every form of authority, which God designed for our good, has now been corrupted by satan.  From the destruction of the family and nearly having obliterated the role of fathers, to all those in political power, and a huge portion of the church leadership, there are precious few left who fulfill these roles according to God’s design and standard, and where they do so, they are scoffed at and increasingly censored, harrassed even persecuted.

For a while it was still a little bit debatable whether the frequency of earthquakes had increased.  But in very recent months, it has become clear that not only is the frequency increasing, but the intensity.  Same with volcanoes, solar events.  Moving outside of the natural realm, there are increasing reports of UFOs and stars falling from the sky.  Not shooting across, but falling straight down.  This coincides with an increase in demonic violence.

Fracking and sinkholes?  Most people had never heard of them a dacade ago.  Hell hath enlarged herself.  Just because man played a role in fulfilling this doesn’t mean it’s not that which the Bible told us would happen.  The earth groaning, the Lord hath a controversy with the nations, the beasts of the field, fish of the sea, birds of the air will perish.  These things are straight out of scripture, but merely a precusor, a foretaste of what is coming.  It is God’s mercy to show us now, to turn minds and hearts back toward what humans once knew without question, God is in charge.  If God is in charge,  we will answer to Him.  He is giving final opportunity for people to turn from the wickedness that “comes naturally” and find reconciliation with this All-Powerful and Sovereign and Holy God, while His Grace is still available.

For the past several years, Christians have had a heightened expectation for the return of our Savior.  Many are disheartened as they note the “floodwaters” rising.  But remember Noah.  Our faith in Jesus Christ is our ark.  Whether God takes us out of the midst of the flood or not, the same waters which destroyed those of reprobate mind and unrepentant heart, those waters served also to lift and carry Noah and his family safely floating above all of the destruction.

There are Christians who disdain the idea of a pre-tribulation rapture.  All I know is there are God-fearing, God-loving, Bible-believeing and Bible-studying Christians on both sides of the issue.  As God seems to have laid on our hearts, slightly different things in some cases, and since we know God never contradicts Himself, I have no worry over which it is.  God willl preserve His own.  Noah’s story is not a type of the church.  The saving of Noah and family in the Ark, is a picture of Israel.  The tribulation is about Israel, and her eventual redemption.  But ultimately, that doesn’t really even matter because the point is, God shields, protects, and preserves that man, woman, boy, and girl, which is His own.  Does that mean Christians will be spared from the evil tide?  Rain falls on the just and unjust alike.  But as He was with the martyrs of yesteryear, God is also with those Christians being tortured and killed for their faith now.  Whatever He calls on you to endure, He will make a way for you to bear it.  Hold on to your peace.  Don’t fret because of the evil-doers of this world.  Neither the human kind, nor the supernatural kind.

Here in America we must differentiate between the fight to preserve Liberty, and the call to obey the authorities God has placed over us.  Evil kings are allowed to rule over once-righteous nations when they have strayed.  There are two seperate sets of circumstances playing out, but they are not unrelated.  Christians in America are both Christians, and Americans.  We love our “homeland” but at the same time, realize we are pilgrims here.  We don’t know if Christ is coming back today or several years down the road.  We may or may not be able to stem the tide of “transformation” that is taking place, and yet I think it is safe to say it has been the prayers of American believers, more than votes and political activism, which has forestalled the complete collapse of our economy and civil order this long.

I still believe that America’s transformation/fall from super-powerdom, is a prerequisite to the one-world-government.  But I think that the degree of evil that is allowed to invade here, the brutality with which these things are carried out, these are things we can still influence.

How?  Intercessory prayer, and by our own obedience and personal examination and repentance.  God remembers mercy even in judgment. He is always inclined to mercy.  Even when His people were exiled, the Lord moved the hearts of their captors and gave favor in the eyes of their new masters, for those who were humble and obedient.

We have heard “the experts” predict for several years now, a financial collapse.  That can evoke images of complete poverty and breakdown of civil order.  Such as we saw on television, of the riots in Spain and Greece.  For every officer and citizen who was there demonstrating, there were others at home, just continuing to adapt and keep on keeping on.  The reason something is called news, is because it is outside of the average/ordinary.  That is something always to keep in mind, even as you read the more accurate alternative media news.  It is the worse stuff that gets reported.

There were people who lived through the Depression in America, who literally have stated that for them, they hardly noticed, because “barely getting by” had been a way of life for them prior to the Depression, thus it wasn’t really much of a change for them.  It is different now, I know, in that back then most people had gardens and were much more self-sufficient that we are today.

The lingering question most Christians have these days, I think, is “How much  of this will we be here to see?”.  That open-ended -ness can be hard to live with day to day.  The Bible itself says “A hope deferred makes a heart sick”.  I have gone to bed every night for a few years now, my last thought of the day being, “maybe tonight that trumpet will sound”.

Here is the thing we can “take to the bank” every time.  God doesn’t have to do anything early, and He is never late. He is completely outside of time, yet He knows very well that we are subject to it.  He knows what we each can bear and what we cannot.  He is pleased when we are proclaiming the Gospel, that others might be saved, and Jesus was never highly impressed by the scholars, but it was those of humble, simple faith, who trusted Him inherently, unwaveringly, even when they did not fully understand.  It was those whom He cherished, those are the people who so moved His heart, that thousands of years later, we all know their names or at least their stories, because they are the ones He wrote about in His Word.  Zacchias, Rahab, Mary with her expensive perfume, the woman at the well.  Not the sophisticates.  Not the Scribes and Pharasees.  The humble thief on the cross was the one who went to paradise.  Do not be intimidated by these things which are happening, nor troubled if you do not entirely understand.  Yes, there is a reward for those who look into the prophecies, study them, strive to understand.  But if you are “occupying”, that is, working for Him, whether as a young mom raising your kids in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, a blue-collar worker who testifies of his Savior humbly in a secular workplace, a young adult who has dreams of college, marriage, family, whatsoever things ye do, do heartily as unto the Lord, and not unto men.  Live for Him.  Live your life for Him and trust that He has made provision for your best interests as you live a surrendered life, and when one day you are snatched up to heaven, to greater things than you have ever dared to imagine, there will be no disappointment nor any regret.

In my younger and healthier days, I was a jogger.  (I never called myself a runner because I was never fast, just persistant).  I ran 5 miles most days, the same route.  I knew the hills that were coming up, and dreaded them each and every time.  But the way I got through that course every day, was to lean into that hill, focus no further than a foot or two ahead of me, and take as deep breaths as I could possibly get.  If you focus on what is in front of you, and simply refuse to give up, you eventually get to the finish line.  There is absolutely nothing whatsoever required of us, to make time pass.  Time will pass.  What God has declared, God will bring to pass.  Run the race with endurance.

Jesus is coming.  Live for Him until He does.  He will be here, not a moment to soon, not a second too late.  Whatever tommorows that we have left, they will take care of themselves.  Sufficient for the day are the troubles thereof!  Just press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.




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  2. Amen! Well said! You did a great job of putting things in perspective for us as we wait on our Lord. It’s funny, I’ve said exactly the same thing about the pre-trib vs. post/mid-trib debate to many people I’ve talked to. Nobody is able to figure it all out 100% because the key to it all is FAITH IN JESUS no matter what is facing us. We are to be in a perpetual state of readiness, LOOKING for the signs of Jesus’ return. The problem with American churches is that many have stopped looking for that blessed hope, so their focus has fallen earthward. Keep up the good work! I cherish all of my brothers and sisters like you, that all though I’ve never met, I feel bonded to by our passion for Jesus and calling to become his bride. God bless you! MARANATHA!


    • Thanks Watchman. That is the truth, many churches and individuals don’t want to think or speak about it. But then, the Bible said it would be that way. I am very comforted and encouraged as well, to hear from others who are eager to see His coming. It has only been 3 and a half years or so for me, that I started digging into prophecy, but was flabbergasted to find such a resistance among fellow confessing Christians, to discuss the topic. Some are scoffers, others get a deer-in-the headlights look, like it scares them to death. It was a relief when I started focusing on prophecy-related news on my blog because I had found a community of others who wanted to talk and hear about it. At first I was a little miffed with those reluctant Christian friends, but that was before I understood that a watchman role seems to actually be a calling. Whether others “ought” to be as eager to see their Savior face to face, is now a question I am relieved is not for me to concern myself with. Now I just do what I do, and leave the rest to the Lord as to whom He leads to the blog and what He wants to do with it. It’s there for the finding, for any who are interested, and I also think it is really cool that the Lord has led several other Believers to do the same thing, thus forming a virtual community. The Bible teaches that there is a special crown for those who love His appearing. But seeing Him face to face is more than enough to look forward to.


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