Woman Rides the Beast


Greek goddess Europa to feature on five-euro notes

The ancient Greek goddess Europa who was abducted and raped by the god Zeus is
to be featured on new five-euro notes which will be unveiled by the European
Central Bank in the Spring.

By Bruno Waterfield

The series of euro notes will be the second since the single currency’s launch in 1999 amid a lingering debt crisis and controversy over draconian European Union austerity measures that have been imposed on Greece.

The “Europa” series, portraying the goddess on new security holograms and watermarks, will be phased in across the eurozone’s 17 member countries over several years, starting with a new five-euro note in May.

The image of Europa to be used on euro notes is taken from 2000-year old vase in the Louvre Museum in Paris. The new notes will circulate in parallel with old ones as legal tender and the ECB has not yet set a termination date for the first series.

The ancient Greek goddess will become the face of the euro at a time when soaring unemployment has reached a record high and uncertainty over the single currency’s future continues.

Last year, Greece came close to exiting the euro and triggering an economic crash that threatened to engulf the whole of Europe in the worst crisis for over 80 years.


Shekinah commentary:

The 5-euro, with release date being in the 5th month.  Hmm

Significance of 5

In the occult, the number 5 stands for the planet Mars (and incidentally Mars was the Roman god of war), It symbolizes the alchemical metal of “Iron”, and the quality “energy”, and the 5-pointed pentagram.  It also stands for “the transcendent state” (to higher life) or dimension, or man ascending up to God.  It is the number of man, and also of death.   In the occult, numbers are believed to contain inherent power.

Considering the age we are living in, and the nearness of the hour of tribulation and rise of the antichrist (who will be indwelt by Satan himself) I think it is interesting to note the specific dates which are chosen for specific events, and what significance is attached to them by the followers of satan.  Whether those who set the dates do so in order to invoke a satanic “blessing” or whether they are unknowingly inspired by satan, (if you are not a follower of Christ, you are a follower of satan), it is certainly no coincidence.  The exact release date is May 2, 2013  By the way, 2 is the number of the “sacred feminine”.

It is interesting, also, to note that the Greek Myth regarding Europa, has her abducted and raped by Zeus in the form of a white bull.  Considering that God destroyed the Earth with a flood due to sinfulness so prevasive, that beasts (fallen angels) had “taken wives” of human women, resulting in defiling of the human gene pool.  Some believe that will happen again in these last days.  (As it was in the days of Noah)

Also significant, 5 being the symbol for the alchemical metal iron:  As in the final portion of the statue in King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, a kindom of iron mixed with miry clay. 

Does this selection of release date, along with the sybolism of the woman riding the beast, serve as an “invocation” of some aspect of the coming reign of antichrist? 

The timing of these things are not determined by these pagan/occult rituals.  God alone is sovereign over the timing, however events such as these likely demonstrate the setting up for that coming “strong delusion” which God will send.